Wednesday, 29 January 2014

How I clean my makeup brushes - IPA

Washing my Real Tecniques Brush with IPA.

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 Cleaning makeup brushes is probably the worst thing to do with loving makeup and using a lot of brushes, it's the bit that every girl puts off (or at least every girl I've met) until it really becomes a desperate situation e.g. your best eyeshadow brush has been used with a black eyeshadow! I have found a really cheap product that works super well and makes cleaning your brushes much less of an ordeal!

 This miracle product is called IPA and its pretty much 100% alcohol and is an industrial cleaner so it can also be used for around the house chores etc.This also sanitises make-up products and brushes so it's brilliant for when you're doing someone else's makeup- which is why make up artists love this stuff! I first heard of it from a lovely, lovely lady who has an amazing blog and an amazing Youtube channel which I love so I shall link those below for you to check out because she really deserves a lot more subscribers and followers! This lady's called Zoe and she has a beautiful daughter called Cole who is a make-up artist and uses this product and Cole also has a really amazing blog and Youtube channel that I shall link below. ANYWAY you can get this product in various different sizes off Ebay for really cheap. I think I paid around £8 for two massive bottles and it literally lasts forever! I've had mine for a while now and it doesn't even look used! Another brilliant thing about this product is you get FREE yes FREE next day delivery?!?! Now it's rare to even get free delivery these days but free next day delievery?! I'm all over that (I hate paying money for postage!) and at first when I seen that I was sceptical and didn't actually expect to see it the next day but true to their word it arrived the next day!!

 I picked my two bottles because they came with spray nozzles which makes life a lot easier than having to pour it out and make a mess and the bigger volume you buy, the better value for money it is as with most things. It's really easy to use aswell you can use it for a deep clean by spraying a wad of kitchen roll or a cloth and the brush and swirling it round and round until it's spotless. However, it can also be used for spot cleaning because it dries within seconds so panic not when you realise all your eyeshadow brushes are covered in dark colours before you need to run out the door!! IPA will save the day and it has for me multiple times because I am super duper lazy with cleaning my brushes! 

  IPA tends to work best with powder based products but it can also spot clean liquid and cream based products too. However, when I decide it's really time that I gave my foundation and concealer brushes a deep clean, it's time to whap out the Fairy liquid. If you don't have IPA and don't want to waste money buying it then you can just substitute it for Fairy liquid for all your brushes! It doesn't even have to be Fairy Liquid, any washing up liquid will do the job all the same.

I hope this blog post maybe helped some of you who are looking for a quick, easy and stress free way to freshen up your brushes!

Have you tried IPA? What do you use to clean your brushes?

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    1. You're welcome hun! I'm glad it's helped someone! xx

  2. I use Mac's brush cleaner.It does a good job but its quite expensive for a brush cleaner.I think I'll try your way!Nice review!Followed!Follow me back?I would really like to keep in touch!

    1. I've heard good things about the MAC cleanser but like you say it's an expensive way to clean your brushes when it can be done so much cheaper! Definitely give it a try cause it's amazing and it's especially great for spot cleaning so you can use it about three seconds after cleaning it. Thank you very much, I have followed you back lovey :-) xxx

  3. Thank you for the info.. great!


    1. You're very welcome! I'm glad it helped :-) x

  4. Your blog is so sweet, so i have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my blog for the details! x

    1. Aww thank you so much Hun! I'll add it to my post about the Liebster award that I've still got to do! I'm glad you like my blog! Xxx


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