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Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Review

All three palettes.

 Hello my lovelies!

Today I'm FINALLY getting around to writing a blog post on my beloved Naked 3 palette. I've actually been wanting to do this for a very long time but there is a reason coming for why I've taken so long to do it!! Firstly, the weather in the United Kingdom has been miserable and it is grey and rainy and the lighting as a result is horrendous. This obviously does not affect my writing but it does affect the quality of the pictures and i wanted to make sure you saw this palette in all of it's beauty! Artificial lighting just was not doing it justice so i held out till i could take pictures in daylight. Secondly i was dying to use this palette as soon as it popped through my letterbox and i thought it would be better to review it after i had used it rather than just my first thoughts. So sorry for the visible use of the palette but it was just too beautiful to keep (don't you agree??)

Naked 3 close up.

 I had very high hopes for this palette because i own both the Naked Palette and the Naked 2 Palette and they're my favourite eye shadows. To be quite honest with you they're the only eye shadows i actually ever use! I've never really felt the need to venture into any other palettes because I only really like neutral eye make up and the Naked palettes are serving me just fine on that front. I'm not sure where I'd be without my Naked Palettes because they are just so pigmented and literally the looks you can create with them are endless! They're also the perfect palettes for travelling because they're sturdy and have perfect colours for both daytime and nighttime looks. Additionally because they come with a brush and a massive mirror, it's great for doing your makeup on trains and buses (come on, admit it, we've all done it!). The retail price for this palette is consistent with the other two palettes at £37 but they are worth eveeeery penny i tell ya!

Naked 3 shades.

 With every Naked Palette Urban Decay bring out they seem to impress me more and more everytime. When the first one came out i loved it, when i got the second one i thought it was even better and this third one is just something else. It is so beautiful that for the first week i got it, i kid you not i would open it just to look at it and admire it's beauty. I have actually done a blog post reviewing and comparing the first two palettes which i shall link below for you if you're interested. This palette has 12 shades as with all of Urban Decay's naked range and like the others comes with a brush. This one is a double ended shadow brush and it has a brush for applying eye shadow on one side and a brush for blending it out with the other. This palette is more of a pinky/rosegold theme than previous Naked palettes so that was me sold, i love rose gold, i love pink...could this palette be any more appropriate for me?? I think not.

Ruched rose-gold packaging.
 Fun fact for you! All of the naked palettes packaging reflects what the colours are inside, like with the first one it has more warmer shades and the package is a chocolate brown and with the second one it is a cooler toned brown because it contains cooler shades. Therefore it was no surprise to me that this package guessed it rose gold coloured! Another fun fact for you is that Urban Decay designed all the packages differently so that if you have all three in your hand bag at once, you are able to tell which palette you're pulling out just by touch (if someone can find me a girl who would carry three eyeshadow palettes round in her handbag though i'd give them a round of applause!! as if we girls don't have enough to carry around with us!!) The first one was a luxurious feeling velvet packaging which was lovely but it became dirty easy and wore off with time and the second one was metal packaging so it's easier to clean and more convenient for travelling. They have made this third one different by adding ridged detailing onto the top. I actually think the Naked 3 palettes packaging is my favourite of the three!

Close up of all 12 shades.

The best thing about this palette compared to the others is that i cannot find a single shade in this palette that i will not have a use for. They are all gorgeous, wearable colours and i think i have already used each one at least once. Urban Decay have delivered yet again as all these eye shadows are pigmented and blend beautifully. I think the colour shade would compliment a wide range of skin tones and eye colours too, there really is something for everyone!

First 6 shades.
  The first six shades are:-
Strange- which is an off-white creamy colour (great for browbone highlighting)
Dust- stunning pale dusky pink glitter
Burnout- a shimmery rosey pink
Limit- a gorgeous taupey matte shade (brilliant for blending into the crease with the lighter shades)
Buzz- Perfect pink glitter (which annoyingly i stuck my nail into by accident when opening the palette, i was not a happy Abby that day!!)
Trick- is sort of the odd one out in this palette but beautiful all the same. It's a goldy/coppery glitter.

Last 6 shades.

Nooner- a darker, more purpley taupe matte shade (beautiful all over the lid or to blend out into the crease with the darker colours)
Liar- Goldy/Silvery shimmer (not sure how to describe this colour haha)
Factory- a shimmery chocolate brown
Mugshot- a lighter browny/silver shimmer
Darkside- a shimmery grey
Blackheart- a gorgeous black shot through with red glitter.

 Another thing i love about Urban Decay's eyeshadows is the fabulous names (don't you think beauty products are so much nicer when they're named??) I don't have any complaints about this palette at all, i honestly could not rave about it any more. My most favourite colours would have to be Buzz, obviously i was going to love it with it being the pinkest colour in the palette and Dust which does have alot of fallout but it is so beautiful. What's having to do a little tidying up with conealer and foundation to have a colour like that on your eyes eh?! Another shade which really excited me was Blackheart as I've never seen an eyeshadow like it and it truly does look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G on the eyes (trust me on this one). I would definitely say those are my top three out of the whole palette, only if i absolutely HAD to choose between them as i love them all. 

Swatches from left to right:- Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside and Blackheart.

Hope you're all having a fabby 2014 so far and that you found this review helpful. If you haven't bought it yet, pick it up!! That's if you can because it's flying off shelves and i know it's out of stock again in a lot of places but I'll have a mosey round the interwebs for you and if i find any links to places where it is in stock i shall link it below! 

Debenhams are out of stock at the moment but they are still listing it so worth checking regularly for when it comes back in:-

Let me know if you can get your hands on one of these little beauties and if you have it what your fave shades are!

Lots of love, A x x x

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