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Jewel Candle Review

My Jewel Candle 

Helloo my lovelies :-),

 Recently i decided to buy myself a Jewel candle because as everyone knows I'm obsessed with candles! I had been thinking about it for a while as i'm pretty certain the last thing i needed was another candle but of course i caved (so much for my New Years 'saving money' resolution!!) I was just amazed by the innovative concept as I've never came across anything like it before. The whole idea of a jewel candle is that you buy a candle and embedded in the back of the candle is a piece of jewellery wrapped in tin foil and Jewel Candle promise that your jewellery will be worth between £10-£250. To get your jewellery, you have to burn the candle for a number of hours until you can pull it out, open up the heat proof tin foil and unwrap your jewel. Additionally all Jewel Candles are entirely homemade which adds to the unique experience. 

The Jewel embedded in the back of the candle

 Jewel candle have two types of candle to choose from, the first being a larger candle which holds a ring and costs £24.95 and they also do a smaller candle which contains earrings which costs £16.95. Their shipping is quite expensive as it costs £3.95 but if you order three or more candles then you get free shipping which is good! All the candles are delivered by Royal Mail aswell so if you're not in when it arrives you can pop down to the post office and pick it up. My first opinions when choosing a candle was that there isn't a great choice of candle scents and none of them seem to have a distinct scent but more a name e.g. 'True Love' or 'Happy Birthday'. So in the end i went with Candy Floss mainly because it's pink (who can resist pink?!) therefore it matches my room and i love eating candy floss so why not have a candy floss candle?!

 I received my candle very quickly, within a few days of ordering it which i was impressed with. I was especially impressed as I had ordered some Lush goodies a week earlier and they still hadn't arrived so i was surprised to see my later order arrive first and as an impatient person i really really love speedy deliveries!! It was packaged beautifully with a lovely bow tied around it which i should have taken a picture of but i was too excited to start burning it (sorry!). I personally amn't the biggest fan of the smell and to me it just smells a bit like playdough which isn't exactly what you want your room to smell like but then my boyfriend and little sister love the smell so i think it's a personal taste thing. It's just a bit too sweet and sickly for me but hey ho i didn't buy the candle for the candle, it was more for the concept so i was still quite happy. I lit it right away and literally stayed in all day and waited for it to burn down enough to get my jewel (yes i really am that sad hahaa). You don't have to let the candle burn down completely either, i think mines only took around 6 hours as you can get it out with tweezers once the majority of wax around it has melted. As you can see in the picture here, this is what it looks like when the jewel is ready to be removed, aslong as most of the surrounding wax  is melted and if you can't wait that long use a spoon to gently dig it out!

Removing my jewel with tweezers (to avoid burnt fingers)

My ring (EXCUSE my disgusting chipped nails, i have painted them now i promise!)

When i unwrapped my ring i could not have been happier, it's absolutely gorgeous. As all the jewellery is worth between £10-£250 it's a gamble as to what you're going to get. Jewel candle used to state their exact prices that the jewellery is worth so i was a tad disappointed when mines didn't say that but apparently for legal reasons they can no longer do this. However, for those who are too curious to not know you can take it to a local jeweller and they will let you know. Anyway back to my ring! It's real sterling silver and it's hallmarked with '925' on the inside so you know that it is genuine silver. It has little diamond/diamonte jewels embedded round it and then in the middle of an oval of diamonte's, it has a giant diamonte. I actually had a discount code when i bought this so i got mines for £23.00 including shipping (bargain) and i definitely think that you would struggle to pick up a sterling silver ring for £23.00 especially one as nice as this! Jewel Candle make all their jewellery in the most popular sizes. My ring fits nicely on my middle finger but it is a tad on the roomy side but it's too beautiful not to wear so i can live with that! I think it was totally worth the splurge!

My Jewel Candle Ring

 I actually have a discount code that i'm going to leave here that you can all use! It's a ten percent off code! If you buy one let me know which one you bought and how you got on! 


P.S I also think they are a really nice gift idea as essentially you're giving a person a present inside a present and it's probably not something they'll get from anyone else. Plus if you're not sure which candle they'd like or whether they would prefer earrings or a ring, not to worry! Jewel candle do gift vouchers aswell so there's something for everyone!

Lots of love,  A x x x 

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