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Valentines Day Gift Guide!

Hellooo my lovelies,

 So it's that time of year again, the time where couples start to get super excited and singletons start to feel extra lonely. I used to hate being single on Valentines Day and it always felt like I was really alone but I came up with a few things to make Valentines Day special even if you're single this year and nice gifts for those who are in a relationship. So I thought I would do a blog post and share these with you. I don't know if I have any male readers but for those of you who have a girlfriend or just want to buy their friend something special I've included a few ideas! I was going to wait till the first of February to post this but I'm super excited for Valentines Day and I'm already starting to get organised so I thought it would be nice to whap it up now. (I nearly managed to wait till February...)

 Firstly if you're single this Valentines, a really nice idea is to go out somewhere with your best friend/s for a meal or order a takeaway and have a nice pamper evening with your girls.Take the opportunity to get glammed up and put on a nice new dress to make you feel good. You can even buy each other small gifts, Valentines Day is about love, who said it has to be your love of a partner? It's can just be about appreciating and loving the people around you and yourself. If you don't have any single friends who can do something on Valentines day then treat you because you deserve it, so buy yourself some nice Lush products and run a nice deep bubble bath and take in your favourite book! Have a glass of wine or a cup of tea and sink into the suds and just relax, do a face mask and indulge in doing the little things for yourself that you normally wouldn't have time for. Such as giving yourself a manicure or buying yourself something you've been lusting after for a while. At the end of the day we don't always need someone else to treat us, we can treat ourselves too!

 For those of us who are lucky enough to have found that someone special, I have seen quite a few lovely gifts around that I'd love to receive for Valentines Day and ones that would be ideal for boys. Valentines Day is also pretty special to me because me and my boyfriend started going out on the 14th of June so Valentines Day is a mini anniversary for us too!

 The first gift I've seen which I think alot of you will have seen cause they've been everywhereeee at the minute!! is the rings from Pandora's Valentines Day collection. How amazing are these?! These little rings are gorgeous and are only £35!! I love how they're super simple so it would go with everything and you could wear it everyday to remind you of that special someone! Pandora's packaging is stunning so you don't need to worry about having shoddy gift wrapping skills either (which I definitely do!) The great thing about these is you don't need to worry about getting the size wrong, just guess the most popular sizes which I think Pandora say are 52, 54 and 56 and if it's wrong, you can take it to a store and Pandora change it for free! (so keep your receipts guys!!) Pandora have been super clever this year and I reckon they'll be the Michael Kors of Valentines Day! Which colour is your favourite? I can't decide but I think the red maybe has it for me! (Me not choosing pink for something again?! there must be something wrong!!)

 The second idea that I think is a really lovely and simple one is to buy rose petals which you can get off Amazon for super duper cheap and this could be used for both boys and girls. Then scatter them either in a nice bubble bath for your other half or on the bed and then light a few candles and it just creates a calm, romantic atmosphere. You could even have a shared bath...(awkward territory!)  With Valentines Day, the best thing is not the most expensive gift out there, it's the one with the most thought that shows you've put time and effort into thinking what the person would like. A nice bunch of red roses will never go wrong either, every girl likes receiving roses and if you know your girlfriend has a different favourite flower then go for a bunch of her favourite. Flowers are a must for Valentines day!

 A more pricy one that I think would be a lovely gift is a nice bottle of perfume, two really nice one's are YSL's Manifesto and Valentino's Valentina. They're both really gorgeous scents, I own YSL Manifesto and it's a very elegant, sexy scent but it is more on the pricy side. Valentina is a more girly, floral scent that's very cute and flirtatious, both are a really good way to go for Valentines Day! Or for the boys a nice bottle of aftershave, I loove Ralph Lauren's Red and Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf. Red is a sweeter smell but it's honestly the nicest thing and Spicebomb as you would expect is spicier but I love them both very much and I think they'd make a really nice present.

Teddy bears are a gift that everyone will always appreciate, they're really cute and a nice way of giving your other half something to cuddle when you're not with them. A cute big fluffy bear would make anyone smile and if it's got personalised paws or a cute message on it then even better! The best thing about this gift is it can be relatively inexpensive depending on what one you chose but it's a classic Valentines Day gift that will always be welcomed. Every girl needs flowers and a teddy on Valentines Day!

 Lush have an amazing Valentines Day collection out this year and a really nice thing to do for your girlfriend or even your boyfriend would be to buy a massage bar and again the rose petals from Amazon and give each other a relaxing massage. Who doesn't enjoy a nice massage?! I'm verging on awkward territory once again so moving swiftly on..... Lush is really slow with their delivery (like I'm talking weeks) so make sure you order well in advance or pop into store to pick up the stuff.

A super duper cute one I found for the girls is this amazing pillow which says on it 'Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favourite'. I would love to receive this and I can't think of any girl who wouldn't however because it's purple I would say it's definitely more of a girls gift as I'm pretty sure my boyfriend wouldn't want this in his bedroom, don't know about yours..!

 Another really nice Valentines Day idea for those of you who are not on a budget would be to take your partner away either for a holiday or a weekend away. Not necessarily somewhere amazingly hot and expensive but just somewhere that will allow you to spend quality time with each other. A spa hotel or even a spa day would be a really nice choice as you can spend all day together whilst relaxing at the same time. Plus then you're buying yourself a present aswell as buying them one! Theatre tickets to their favourite show would be another thoughtful gift.

 Obviously a cute card or a cute letter is a must have, in the rush of life we often don't take the time to tell the people we love the most just how much we appreciate them. So writing it down somewhere where they can always keep it and read it is a lovely idea. I really liked the idea of sending it through the post aswell for your Valentine to read because it's unusual to get a letter these days, unless it's from the bank or somewhere boring. So it would be a nice traditional way of letting someone know you love them.

 Joma jewellery is also a lovely present for your girlfriend (or any jewellery really). I love their 'little' range and my boyfriend got me this one for my Christmas which I adore and it's really cute and I think it would be equally as good a Valentines Day present. They also have love heart one's which say 'wear this silver heart everyday to bring a little love your way'. There's a gold heart one as well 'this heart of gold I give to you because your heart is good and true'. They're not too expensive and they last really well, mines hasn't tarnished from perfume or from water etc so they really are good quality and they're nice and simple so go with most outfits. 

 I came across this gift at Christmas time and I noticed they did a Valentines version too and I think this would make an adorable gift. I know my boyfriend thought it was really sweet when I gave him it for Christmas so basically it's a survival kit and it just has really cute things in it to represent something (rubbish explanation I know!) For example the Valentines Day one has a matchstick 'because we are the perfect match', a rock 'because you are my rock', love heart sweets 'to show how much I love you', a paperclip 'to hold us close together' and lots of sweet things like that. They're really inexpensive and you can get them for just about every occasion you can think of so I think that's a lovely one to get!

 I also found this 'hello gorgeous' and 'hello handsome' mug set on Amazon which is really cute and would make a lovely gift! Amazon is surprisingly really good for unique and cute Valentines Day gifts.

 Finally anything engraved or personalised will always be amazing because it shows that you have thought about it and it hasn't just been a last minute hash-dash buy! Photo frames, books or just a collage of memories you've spent together, all of these will never fail! So if you're stuck for ideas I hope this has helped and I hope you all have a lovely Valentines Day whatever you're doing!

Pandora Rings £35.00 :-!190896SGR
Rose Petals £1.10 :-
Boyfriend Survival Kit £6.95:-
Mugs £6.99:-
Love Story Pillow £16.99:-
Lush Valentines Day Collection £4.25 upwards :-
Fragrance Direct (great place for picking up cheap fragrances):-

What are your plans for Valentines Day this year? Which of these gifts would you like to receive?

Lots of love,
A x x x 


  1. I want all of these prezzies! I especially love the mugs, pillow & bracelet! I think I may have to send this blog post my boyfriends way.... haha xxxxx

  2. Me too! That red Pandora ring is something else and I always love me some Roses and a teddy! That pillow is super duper cute though! They do a longer white one that's more like 'bed pillow' shaped if yah get me hehe! xxxxx

  3. Teddy bears are so cute and make me so happy!
    The mugs are also a brilliant idea!
    Great post!
    Elephant stories and more

    1. Me and you both! :-) Never too old for a teddy! Especially a big fluffy massive one tehe. Thanks lovely! xxx

  4. Hello lovely sorry to write this on here didn't know where else to post it! Just to let you know i've nominated you for a Liebster award. If you want to take part the link is: you don't have to if you don't want to. :) but if you do let me know!


    1. Heyy! Not at all it's fine! Thank you so much I'm flattered you like my blog! Xxx

  5. I have just nominated you for the liebster award on my blog, check out my recent blog post :)

    1. Thank you so much'! I'm super glad you like my blog!:-) x

  6. There are some really lovely thoughtful ideas in there. I wish i could just buy them all for myself aha! Fabulous post sweetie!

    Ive just nominated you for a Liebster Award. You can find all the information here on the link below. Have a lovely day!:)

    1. You should treat yourself to one of them hehe! Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! That's so kind of you! I'll check it out and do a post on it soon! Have a lovely day too beaut :-) xxx

  7. I think the Lush collection looks amazing. I would love something from them for Valentines day! Carly. X

    Carly's Beauty World

    1. It does look lovely! Especially the padlock bath ballistic which turns your bath pink and releases silver hearts that float around your bath! Very romantic! xx


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