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Topshop and Misguided Haul


Hellooo my lovelies,

So it turns out that I am the WORST at saving money and I may have accidentally fell into Topshop (again!!) and to the till and walked out with a few things! I also may have made another Misguided and Topshop order online and bought a few cheeky things so as my last haul was one of my most popular posts, I thought I would do another one for you guys! I've also thrown in something I've had for a few months now because I love it so so much and it's been a recurring feature in my outfits since I bought it so it would be rude to leave it out!

 The first thing that I've had for a while now is my denim jacket, I never really wanted a denim jacket before but when I seen this hanging up in Topshop I could not leave it there! I wasn't sure if I'd suit it but I got it anyway and I'm glad I did because I've literally only had it off in torrential rain and when I'm wearing jeans or jeggings (not a big fan of the double denim look!) It's surprisingly cosy as it is borg lined which keeps in the heat but I still stick to my Winter jacket from Topshop on colder days and in the rain because wet denim is never a nice feeling. Topshop do a darker version of this one aswell but i prefered the lighter, more vintage looking denim. I personally wear mines unbuttoned as I think it looks a lot more fashionable this way. Many people have said that you should get this in a size up as it is made smaller and to allow you to wear jumpers underneath it. However, I have both my Topshop jackets in size 8's and I can fit jumpers under them fine so I wouldn't say this is necessary unless you're borderline on a size so if you're 8/10 I'd maybe go for the 10 just to leave room for jumpers underneath! This jacket is actually the reason for a lot of my recent purchases because as I mentioned before I don't like wearing double denim, so I could only really wear this jacket with leggings or my disco pants which is limited outfit wise. It does go with dressier outfits such as dresses and skirts but in the colder months I tend to wear those a lot less so I felt I needed some new (non-blue/denim) trousers! It costs £58 but it's a great piece that will be brilliant all year round!

The first thing I bought recently was a pair of Tartan leggings, I am alllll over the Tartan trend this season! I have been loving tartan scarfs and tartan dresses so when I saw these tartan leggings, I couldn't resist them! Plus they're only £25 so a complete bargain! They're a green and blue tartan aswell so I thought it would make a change from the usual red and green pattern. I'm trying to be a little bit braver in the trouser department and these are more 'out there' than what I'd usually go for! They feel a bit thicker than normal leggings which is good as it keeps you warmer in the Winter months but I think these will look great carried through to Spring too!

Gingham Print.

Zip detailing up the side.
The second pair of trousers I picked up are very similar to the pair I showed in my last haul, they're the same tregging style with the zip up the side but in a different pattern. This pattern is called a 'gingham print' and you can get them in 'white' or 'black'. I preferred the black one's so that's what i bought! These are super thick and I've worn them out and they kept my legs super cosy so I'm loving them for that! Although they're a similar style to my last pair, they are a lot thicker and a lot tighter aswell. I would definitely recommend getting a size up from what you usually are or trying these on in store first because they're tighter than what you expect! These are super flattering though and they hug your bum (which all ladies want!)

Close up of gingham print and price.
Salmon Pink Tee.

 When I popped into the store to pick up my Topshop order, I passed the stand that had the t-shirts on it that I bought last time and I couldn't resist picking another one up in a salmony/pink colour. They literally are the comfiest, baggy t-shirts that still look nice at the same time and there isn't much that they don't go with. So I thought I may aswell pick up another one whilst they're in stock in my size! I actually really struggle to find plain t-shirts that I like which sounds ridiculous but as usual Topshop saves the day! Plus everybody knows that when I see pink things, it's almost tradition now that I have to buy them...hahaha!

Close up of material and price.

The final thing I picked up from Topshop was these bubble gum pink frilly socks. Yes I am more than aware that I did not need any more socks, let alone any more frilly socks but these are the prettiest shade of pink and I just could not leave without them! I was stood at the till point when I seen them and the pressure was just too much so I caved but they were the last one's there so I defo couldn't leave them! I'm beginning to think I need to see someone about my compulsive spending money, frilly sock obsession and my obsession with the colour pink! The worst bit is is that I'm currently trying to restrain myself from buying a load more of the new pastel frilly socks that Topshop have brought in from Spring (see how long I hold out this time). I actually will be able to do a blog post on just my frilly sock collection if I don't sort myself out soon!! 

 The last thing I got was something I ordered from Misguided, admittedly something else that I probably really didn't need but there ya go! It's this fluffy eyelash jumper in grey and I kid you not it is the softest thing EVER. I thought my last Misguided jumper was soft but this is something else, it's literally like sitting stroking the worlds fluffiest bunny rabbit and it's sooo super cosy! It's a cropped jumper which admittedly aren't famous for keeping you warm but it can be worn with a plain t-shirt underneath or with high waisted items. It actually goes really nice with a lot of the trousers I have bought recently! It's really baggy aswell, I got mine in the smallest size which is a small to medium and it is sooo long. It is longer than a crop top on me but not quite long enough to be a jumper and the sleeves are really long aswell but it was far too fluffy to send back! It's only £19.99 aswell so bargain! I really want this in white and black too but I'm thinking it's maybe best if they don't come back into stock or I may have fluffy cropped jumper overload!!

 What fashion trends/items have you been loving lately?

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