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Lush Christmas Goodies

Cute Lush Gift Box

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I thought I'd do a Lush haul for you today as I bought quite a lot things in the Lush Christmas sale which pretty much defeats the purpose of a sale but who can say no to half price Lush things??? Certainly not me! I tend to go a teeensy bit mad in Lush at Christmas time but I justify this with the fact that I don't really buy much Lush at any other time of the year. I think it's a combination of I'm more into showers in the warmer seasons and Christmassy smells are more my thing. Having said that I do really like Space Girl (purple glittery spaceship) and Dragons Egg (citrusy orange bath ballistic). I have used quite a few bits and bobs already because it was just too tempting having the amazing smelling box in my room. I actually managed to pick up quite a few of my favourites so I was really chuffed with that. Sadly I doubt you'll be able to get your mitts on any of them because they are from their Christmas range which I would imagine would be sold out by now but you can keep them in mind for next year!

Melting Snowmen (as you can see I've used one already hehe)

 The first thing that i picked up was 3 melting snowmen, these are amazing and when you put one in your bath it's like bathing in hot chocolate! The best thing about these is that they are bath melts so you don't need to use the whole thing at once (I usually break mine in half) which is definitely a plus. Bath melts are really great for your skin as they have lots of luxurious oils in them which just leave your skin so luxurious and soft. They literally look like a melted snowman with little chocolate button eyes and a little carrot nose, far too cute to leave on the shelf! They smell very almondy/chocolatey is the best way I can think to describe it but basically just really delicious smelling. A MASSIVE bonus for me is that this bath melt is white which means no hideous tide marks around the bath or stainage on the bottom of the bath. There is literally nothing worse than coming out a relaxing bath to have to scrub the bath clean. 

So White Bath Ballistic.

 Another one of my Lush favourites which I've actually done a blog post on before is the 'So White' bath bomb which has the most gorgeous appley smell and it probably is my number one favourite Lush bath bomb. So I always go mad on it as soon as it's released for Christmas. It's a bath ballistic so you can only use it once but I still think it's worth it (especially when it's half price) and it turns your bath a pinky/red as it has a little pink heart in the middle of it. Last year I think it made my bath clear/cloudy so they've improved the formula this time around by adding a splash of colour! The concept behind these is rather cute too I think, it's meant to resemble a snowball and you're supposed to throw it at the side of your bath to 'smash' it. I actually bought 4 of these because I love them so much! Again big thumbs up for no tide marks being left around my bath.

Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic

 Something else I picked up was two Golden Wonder bath ballistics. These are gold, glittery parcels that have a citrus smell and turn your bath turquoise with little floating stars in them, I personally really enjoy having stars in my bath (I'm a child at heart clearly hahaha!) but maybe everyone wouldn't like that. As much as I enjoy this one, it does leave a stain around the side of the bath that needs abit of scrubbing to remove but because it's so pretty I can bypass this issue.

Santa's Grotto bath ballistic

Inside my Lush Gift Set 
 I also bought a Lush Christmas gift set (yes I bought myself a gift set hahaha). Mainly because it had the Santa's Grotto bath ballistic in it which apparently has a little santa inside which I'd been lusting after. I didn't buy it before though because it retailed at £5 which seemed a lot to use on just one bath so I bought this set for £10. Aswell as the Santa's Grotto, it also had a snowman ballistic, a cinders bath ballistic (which is amaazing) and a father christmas ballistic. I've managed to save all these to show you but I did unwrap the gift set before taking pictures of it (slap on the wrists for me!) so it's no longer wrapped perfectly like it came to me. I have tried to rewrap it for you but it's quite a shoddy job (sorrrrry).

Mr. Snowman from my gift set

Father Christmas Bath Ballistic

I bought two seperate Father Christmas' aswell because as I said in my blog post last year I loveee them! I was really disappointed that they removed the glitter from it this year but at the same time it's bitter/sweet as it now doesn't leave dirty tide marks round my bath which I really appreciate. It also smells orange which i looove and it turns your bath a deep Emerald Green. Overall I'm just a massive fan of this bath bomb!

Cinders Bath Ballistic

I also have an individual Cinders bath bomb which smells of Cinnamon and has popping candy on the top of it. It's another one of my favourite Lush bath bombs as I love all things cinnamon and I think it's just really Christmassy. The popping candy doesn't really do much other than add to the sound of the bath bomb fizzing in the water BUT apparently it is meant to sound like a wood fire crackling which is a really nice concept. It doesn't do anything fabulous to your bath water, it actually turns it a nice pee coloured yellow but aside from that it smells good! It also leaves a slight yellow tide line around the edge of the bath but it's easily removed with a cloth or a wipe.

 Lastly something I bought before Christmas that I still have left so I thought I'd share it with you. This is the Magic Wand which is a PINK star on a stick (with a cutesy bell on it!) which you swirl under the running water and it gives delicious smelling bubbles. The best thing about this is that it smells exactly like Snow Fairy which I absolutely love so I'm really enjoying this bubble wand! If you haven't smelt Snow Fairy (then do so next Christmas!!!) it's basically a really sweet smell that just smells like sweets!

Do you use Lush products? What's your favourite? Have you tried any of these?

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  1. Lush Christmas products are brilliant aren't they :) I mostly go to Lush over the festive period x


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