Friday, 10 January 2014

Topshop and Misguided Haul

Haul goodies.

Hellooo my lovelies,
Soo, yesterday I went to Topshop and made a couple of cheeky purchases and i also made a sneaky Misguided order so I thought I would share what I bought with you. I've also added in two things that I bought a while back just because I think they're too nice not to share. I seem to have this problem where when i step foot in Topshop or venture onto their site, I can't leave without buying things. I just really love Topshop and alongside Misguided it is probably one of my current two favourite shops! I think it's blatantly obvious I really am no good at this saving money business (maybe next year hey!). 

Topshop Gingerbread Man jumper.
  The first thing I got a while back and I'm almost certain that you won't be able to buy it anymore but it was too cute not to show you and that is my gingerbread Christmas jumper from Topshop. I never had a Christmas jumper last year and I wasn't sure whether to get one this year or not because I hadn't really seen any I liked but then i seen this one. It was £42 which I will agree is pretty expensive for a jumper you can probably only wear a couple of times but I ended up getting it because my auntie was having a Christmas jumper party sooo technically you could say I needed it (or so I tell myself hehe). Also with this one I think I can get away with wearing it after Christmas aswell because gingerbread are a little more subtle than Santa or reindeer and I can always wear it in the house. This also looks great with a white or cream shirt underneath it! Christmas jumpers sell fast every single Christmas and I was very lucky to get the last one in my size this time, next time I'm definitely going to try and be more organised (maybe I should add this to my list of New Years Resolutions!).

Cute Gingerbread Men close-up.

I promise the arms don't look weird it's just my amazing folding skills hahaha!

On my recent jaunt to Topshop I picked up a baby blue eyelash cropped jumper. I didn't know whether to get the baby pink one because theoretically it would go with more but I already have plenty of pink jumpers so I decided to go with the blue one for a change. I also have my eye on a few other eyelash jumpers on Misguided (no stopping me now!) but they're out of stock at the moment so I'll do a post if/when I get them! Topshop is expensive but they do 10% which is great for students and the clothes are really good quality.

Close-up of eyelash material and price.

Blue Topshop Top (same as grey one).

 Another thing I picked up from Topshop was two plain t-shirts, which is one of those items that I feel like I'm always buying but I never have enough of so I thought it definitely wouldn't hurt to pick up a few! Plus you can't go wrong for £16! The one's I chose were oversized, baggy, sort of acid wash style and I got two of the same type which I'm notoriously famous for doing. When I like something, I tend to buy it in more than one colour that it's available in AND i really do need to break that habit hahaha(one day). Anyway I got one in grey and one in a light blue and I really love them! I've already worn the blue one and they'll go with everything and they're great for casual days and just slouching about in!

£16 price tag and close up material.

Black, velvet pattern.
 My all-time favourite thing that i picked up from Topshop though is these patterned leggings, I'm usually really 'safe' in the trouser department, sticking to disco pants and leggings/jeggings. I'm not a really a jeans kinda girl and the only jeans I like are the Joni ones from Topshop (shock I know) and I shy away from all the patterned, jazzy leggings and trousers, just admiring them from a distance. However, I was shopping with one of my best friends Robyn and she convinced me to give these a try in the changing room and I absolutely fell in loveeee so thanks Robyn! They're a black cottony material with velvet diamond shapes on them, doesn't sound anything special but look at them!! and they feel absolutely amazing, I keep going up to people and being like stroke my legs (obviously not random people that would be weird... hahaha) Another thing I love about these are they are really reminiscent of American Apparel disco pants which everybody knows I love to pieces. They also have a gold zip up the side which is a really nice touch especially if you wear them with cropped jumpers/tops so you can see it but they equally look nice with casual tops. They're really versatile for dressing up in the night time and dressing down for a casj day time look and they really are just a fabby staple piece for any girls wardrobe! You can zip them up and down to take them on/off or you can actually slide/wiggle them on and off (i was delighted with this discovery, every bit of time saved is great ahha!) I'm 5ft 2, soo very much on the shorter side of life and I got these in a size 8 and they fit perfectly in every way which is great as sometimes leg length in things can be a little long on me for obvious reasons! So big thumbs up to Topshop on this little beauty!

Topshop leggings with gold zip detail.

White and Blue Topshop socks.
 The final thing i picked up in Topshop was three pairs of frilly socks. I absolutely love Topshop socks, I think they're great quality and they always have really cute patterns on them. Another trend I love is frilly socks as I think they look great peeking over the top of a nice pair of Winter boots or even Converse. So Topshop and frilly socks is serious good news for me! Another bonus is Topshop nearly always have their socks on 3 for £8 offer so they're a great bargain. The one's I picked up were another pair of plain white ones (can never have too many of those!), a blue pair and a dusky pink pair. I love pink so much that I could not wait to take pictures of them before wearing them so sorrrrry but have a picture of them on instead!

Dusky Pink Topshop socks (is it sad that it pleases me that they match my bed covers??)

 More socks that I picked up from Topshop were Christmas ones, this was also way back at the beginning of December but I thought they were too cute to leave out of this haul. I don't care how Christmassy they are, I am still rocking the Christmas socks look hahah.

Cute Christmassy Socks!

Misguided cropped Pink jumper.
  Moving on to the Misguided things that I got, the first thing is this gorgeous hot Pink, Mohair jumper and it's honestly so beautiful. It's also really really comfy and not in the slightest bit itchy which I worried that it might be. It looks fantastic with the Topshop leggings mentioned above and it would also go great with disco pants, leather skater skirts or a black skater skirt. I am tempted to buy another one in white/grey or black but still trying to hang onto that saving resolution hahaha (by a thread).

Close up Mohair material.

Black shirt from Misguided.

 The final thing I picked up from Misguided is a black, lace, sleeveless shirt that has a collar with gold tips on it. It looks great on it's own or would look great under a jumper with the collar peeking out over the top. The back of this is absolutely gorgeous as the front is very opaque but the back is see-through lace and it looks really nice and classic. The lyrics by Nicki Minaj, Starships  'Business in the front, party in the back' always springs to mind when I wear this shirt. The lace back does look okay with just a bra or it also looks really nice with a black bandeau or I guess you could wear whichever colour takes your fancy. I think this is another classic piece that could be dressed up or made more casual depending on what you pair it with and it would also be a really good top for work if your uniform is all black. It would be a nice way to jazz up your uniform whilst still following the rules.

 The final thing I thought I would add in here is pjamas as I got quite a few for Christmas and I bought myself quite a few pairs before Christmas. I love my jammies and there is nothing better in Winter than when you come in from the cold and the rain and you slip on your pjama bottoms, make yourself a mug of hot chocolate and suddenly the world seems that much nicer. The best place to get really nice, affordable pj's is Primark and I'm a sucker for Primark's jammies and their slipper socks which I also bought in abundance this year! Primark is a shop I really dislike shopping in because it's always packed which makes me feel really anxious and they hardly ever have any size 6-8's and if they do they're usually found on the floor! However, if you get in there early and have patience you'll get there! I have taken pictures of my absolute favourite one's to show you that I got. The blue reindeer ones have pockets in them which I think is great because I always need somewhere to put my phone! and they're a cotton material as are the red fairisle print one's but sadly they don't have pockets.
 However, they do have little cuffs on the bottom of them which I think are cute, as do the pink polka dot ones (which i obv love cause they're you guessed it pink :-)) ) and the penguin print one's which I think are super cute! I really like that Primark's fleecy jammies have ribbons on them and they're super cosy and affordable too. I only paid £5/6 for mine which is the biggest bargain of the century I'm sure you will agree! My red star print one's are also super cosy and they feel amazing and soft and much more luxurious than my Primark one's. This would be because they are from Next and I'm pretty sure they would have cost a lot more than a fiver, however, I got them as a Christmas gift with a matching top so I couldn't tell you how much they were!

Cute penguin print pj's and cuffed legs.
  That's all the clothes I have bought recently, do you like anything that I have bought? What have you been loving/lusting after recently?

Lots of love,
A x x

Misguided Jumper:-
Misguided Shirt-
Topshop Blue Jumper-
Topshop Socks-
Topshop- Tops- I couldn't find these online sorry!
Topshop Leggings-

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  1. You got some amazing things! :) I was so tempted to buy that adorable gingerbread man jumper - so cute!!
    I need to get some of those Topshop frilly socks very soon!
    I posted about some of the bargains I found in the Boxing Day sales - would love if you could check it out. :) I'm also going to be doing a Topshop haul tomorrow!

    1. Thanks :-) You should definitely get them, they totally make a really basic outfit look so much nicer and it's so simple! I just had a little nosey just now, you got some cool stuff too! I really love Marc Jacobs perfume and body things, they always smell gorgeous and Dot's lovely! You also got some lovely soap and glory stuff! Their body butters are so nourishing! :-) I'll keep an eye out for your Topshop haul x

  2. I love all the clothing especially the frilly socks! xx

  3. Oh my god I can't tell you how much I wanted this adorable gingerbread man jumper! I searched everywhere for it & it was sold out, if you ever decide you don't like it sell it to me haha :) Loving the bits you've brought hun xx

    1. It's so cute isn't it! I honestly was stressing, I'm not exaggerating in the slightest when I say I phoned Topshop like 10 times in a row because they wouldn't answer and it was like half an hour before they closed and I had to beg them to hold it for me till the next day cause it literally was the last size 8 like everywhere!!! hahaha I'll keep that in mind chick! xxx


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