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Products I Use In My Shower!

Hellooo my lovelies,

I thought I would show you the products I use in the shower because they're all really good products that I love and recommend and I thought that would be nice to share with you all. I've also added in a few products I like to use after my shower to make me feel good!

 The first two obvious things I have in my shower are my shampoo and conditioner. The two main ones I use at the moment are my Mane N Tail shampoo and conditioner which I have done a review on that I'll link below. They're basically an effective shampoo and conditioner that can be used for both humans and animals that helps encourage hair growth.

 The second product that I use in the shower is a shower gel and the one I'm using at the moment is the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush body wash. It's a creamy coloured gel that has the most gorgeous citrus smell which is really great for waking you up on those mornings where you really need an extra kick up the backside! Soap and Glory is a great brand and it's actually not too expensive! Their products range from around £6-10 and they're usually on 3 for 2 in Boots!

 Another product I love to use in the shower is the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush body scrub. This body scrub is the best one I have found ever, especially for those stubborn bits of fake tan that will not come off your skin. It's a really invigorating scrub that will remove all the dead skin cells and you can use it as often as you need to depending on how flakey your skin is. I don't really suffer from dry/scaly skin so I tend to use mine once a week just to remove the top layer of any dead skin cells. It smells so sugary and citrusey and I just love this a lot! The texture is really thick and gritty which is good as you can actually feel this product working on your skin and that's what we love girls, products that actually bring about results! Another thing I love about this is how moisturising it is, even just with opening the lid you can see the moisturising oils oozing out of this. It contains brown sugar, lime, almond oil and macadamia grains, a recipe for smooth skin!

 Another product that I love using in the shower that I sometimes swap my shower gel for is the Lush Shower Jelly in 'Sweetie Pie'. It's basically like a jelly that you would eat but it's for the shower instead and can be used as both a shampoo or as a shower gel. This one is purple and glittery so very girly which suits me perfectly! It has a gorgeous smell aswell, it smells like a mixture of cherries, coconut and blackcurrant all rolled into one. It's actually really fun to use in the shower or bath aswell and it does leave a lovely feeling as it slides over your skin. The only thing is, is that it's super slippery and needs a firm hand to keep a hold of it or you literally will spend your whole shower chasing it round in circles (which is fun for the first minute, then just frustrating..) They last for ages too as I've had mine since September and it's barely gone, once you've used it you just slide it back in the pot and it's ready for another day. Apparently if you mix this shower jelly with the Whoosh Lush shower jelly, it makes a really nice refreshing mixture so that might be worth giving a bash aswell! They're really durable and withstand a lot of pressure, you can poke your finger into it and it won't break, it just simply bounces straight back to the way it was before! I have the 100g one but I'm pretty sure you can get bigger pots of these aswell! You can keep these jellies at room temperature, freeze them or chill them in the fridge to make them more refreshing in the shower. They really are a versatile product and quite a fun one to use in the shower!

Lush 'Sweetie Pie' shower jelly

Soap and Glory 5 Fruits Body Butter

The products I loveee to use when I come out a nice bath or shower is a body butter. Body butters are brilliant for your skin to keep it smooth and supple and additionally it just leaves you feeling more sexy and luscious if your skin feels and smells nice! (look good, feel good!). My two favourites are the Soap and Glory body butter in five fruits which smells AMAZING, very fruity and sweet all at the same time and to me it just reminds me of my summer holiday because I would always apply this after a long day in the sun! So maybe that contributes alot to the reason why I love it so much! The second body butter that I love is Cocoa butter ones, this one is from Boots extracts range. Cocoa butter is amazingly good for your skin, not to mention how lovely it smells! It has extremely moisturising properties which are great for preventing stretch marks and also treating them, treating dry/chapped skin and for use as a daily moisturiser.

Cocoa Body Butter

Left:- 'Solana Beach', Right:- 'Silver Strand Beach'
Another thing I love to do when I come out the bath is spritz a nice smelling body spray all over me
so I feel fresh and sexy! Two of my favourite scents to spray on after a bath or a shower are Hollister body sprays. They cost around £13 and they're usually on 3 for 2 and they're the closest I've found to Victoria Secret body sprays which is great if you're not American or don't live close to London! They have a really sexy, beachy scent and there are a wide variety of scents to chose from. Most Hollister body sprays have a similar beachy, ocean, sun cream kind of scent that just instantly relax's you and makes you think of sunny days by a beach on holiday! My favourite is the white one which I actually have two of because I love it that much and it smells more so of holidays and coconut and mango. The blue one I don't love as much as it has more of sharper, more musky scent like raspberries but it still has that sort of holiday smell mixed into it!

 A relaxing addition to this routine that I love to do is put on a nice face mask, my two favourites being self-heating masks and peel off one's and you can pick up some really good one's cheaply in Boots and Superdrug! My all-time favourite is the chocolate self-heating one from Superdrug's own range, there's just something lovely about your face being heated up and it really relaxes you and gives you more of a spa like experience than the peel off/wash off one's. I also really like the peel off one's as they're quite fun and i find these get in my hair and in the nooks and crannies of my face a lot less than the wash off one's! For bonus relaxation, slice two pieces of cucumber and place them over your eyes, this can also be done whilst in the bath for ULTIMATE relaxation!

What products do you like to use in the bath/shower? Have you tried any of these one's? What did you think of them?

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Hollister Spray Silver Strand Beach
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Link to Mane N Tail Review -

What products do you like to use in the bath/shower? Have you tried any of these one's? What did you think of them?

Hope you're all well, 
Lots of love A x x 


  1. I use the soap and glory sugar crush body wash and scrub, they're amazing! Awesome post by the way x

    1. They are really good aren't they! I think the scrub will forever be in my shower collection! Thanks hun :-) xx

  2. Really nice blog Abby! I'm following you :) x

  3. How can i order all ? Kindly suggest dear Abby ??


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