Tuesday, 12 August 2014

£4.99 shoes?! || Hidden Fashion

 They say you're either a bag or a shoe person, can you be both? If not then I'm most definitely more of a shoe person. I have more pairs of shoes than I care to admit but I can never resist them especially not high heels because being on the short side I like to have that extra height and I'm well known for wearing very high heels.

 So when I stumbled upon a website where you can buy cheap shoes I was sold. At first I thought it must have been a scam but no this site is 100% genuine and I got these stunning shoes for guess what price? £5!!!! You do of course have to pay delivery on top of this so it ends up being £9-10 but usually you'd be looking at around three times that for a pair of shoes like this! They even have some shoes on there for £1.99... mental!

I recently wore these to a wedding and I got so many compliments on them and how pretty they looked. Now I am not one of those girls who likes taking their shoes off after a night out or halfway through the night, I'm a germ freak and the idea of standing in whatever might be lying on the streets is not my kind of thing. I also hate changing my shoes half way through the night cause lets face it what girl has a clutch big enough for carrying around a spare pair of shoes?! I wore these heels from half 11 in the morning to 3am so these shoes lasted on my feet for a whole 14 hours and my feet only started to hurt the last half hour so I was very impressed. They also have stayed immaculately clean ands the soles have remained glass free which is surprising because we went to a club after and almost always I'll leave a club with glass in my heels and they'll be covered in grubbyness from the floor but they're still spotless!

 The only thing I have to complain about with this site is their customer service is pretty horrific. When I received this they properly stank of smoke, it was clear that they had not been worn but they stank my entire room out with smoke so much so that you'd think someone had been smoking 20 a day in there. I contacted the company about this and received no reply at all which I think is pretty poor customer service considering it was a very polite email requesting what they could do about it. The shoes are okay now but it took many a day of leaving them outside to take away the smokey smell and many scented candles to make my room smell nice. This has put me off ordering from Hidden Fashion again but if they did have any beautiful shoes like this again I would definitely be tempted to give them another chance.

 I have looked on their website and the shoes are still in stock in some sizes!!! However, they have now put the prices up to £8.99 on most shoes, whether this is a pernament thing or if they'll go down again I'm not sure but I thought this was too good a bargain not to share.

Have you bought anything from Hidden Fashion before?

Lots of Love,

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