Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Reasons To Look Forward To Autumn/Winter

 Recently I've been really looking forward to Autumn/Winter. Every year by the end of Summer I am always really excited for Winter and by the end of Winter I'm all ready for Summer again so when I saw the gorgeous Eilidh from  do 20 reasons she's looking forward to Autumn it inspired me to do a similar post. I'll link her post here which you should check out!

  I am definitely more of a Winter person than Autumn though so I've combined the two to make a list of 20 reasons I'm looking forward to Autumn/Winter.

1) Ugg boots. They may not be the most attractive shoe but there is literally nothing better than the fluffy haven they provide for your feet. They're the comfiest shoe and I personally think they look really nice.
2) Hot Chocolate, white hot chocolate, milk hot chocolate or Terry's chocolate orange hot choc. I love them all! In A/W I always have a mug of hot chocolate before bed.
3) Darker, more vampier lipsticks can come back into use. I personally barely ever wear red and purple shades in Summer so it's one of the main things I enjoy about the season change.
4) The leaves changing, there's something beautiful about the orangey red leaves swirling about the streets.
5) Winter Wonderland
6) The Yankee candles can come back out. My favourite ones for A/W are always Home Sweet Home, and November Rain.
7) It's acceptable to wear hats and scarves again.
8) Christmas! There are two types of people... those who loathe the countdown and those who love it. I am one of those people who love it! 
9) Chelsea Boots.
10) Getting to wear your favourite Winter jackets again. Mines is my Topshop one with the eskimo hood.
11) Snow, we don't get a lot of it here but when/if we do get it I get so excited. Most people hate it but I love it when the snows all freshly fallen and everywhere's white and clean.
12) Terry's Chocolate Oranges....everywhere!
13) Duvet days with Gary, a movie and chocolate whilst the rain is blowing against the windows.
14) Fireworks night. I absolutely love fireworks and I'd go as far to say as fireworks night is one of my favourite nights of the year It's one of the reasons I love living where I live because during the festival there is fireworks every single night in town! I'm already looking forward to going to the end of the festival fireworks at the end of August with a blanket, flask, scarf and hat to watch the show!
15) Going overboard when buying Primark fluffy pjamas, fluffy socks and slipper socks.
16) The darker nights. There's just something nice about finishing work/university and it being all dark and cosy outside.
17) Getting to be more low maintenance. There's no longer a rush to fake tan, paint my toe nails or shave my legs because they won't be out as much anymore!
18) Any extra weight can be hidden under numerous layers of clothes.
19) Switching up my perfumes for more heavy, Wintery scents
20) The clocks going back and getting that extra hour in bed. Who doesn't love extra sleep?!

What are the things that you're looking forward to about Autumn/Winter?

Lots of Love,

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