Tuesday, 19 August 2014

No Make-Up Make-Up || Back To School

 One of the worst things for me and alot of other girls are those situations where you're not allowed to wear make-up and the main situation this occurs in is school. Obviously it's amazing to be confident without make-up but the sad truth is is that many girls are not... especially during the teenage years when all the insecurities are at a peak. Fortunately I am long finished with school but since it's approaching the schools going back I thought I would show you my 'no makeup' makeup that I wear when really I shouldn't be wearing any at all. I was very lucky in that the school I went to was not very strict on the amount of make-up that we were allowed to wear which I think is good because make-up does not affect your ability to learn but I know others are not so lucky!

 The first thing I would say is use a concealer, preferably one that matches your skin tone. Once you've blended it out over any imperfections and under eye circles it would take a very expert eye to make out that you had any makeup on. If you think you can get away with it then BB creams are also great for adding a little bit of coverage but not looking like you're wearing foundation but the most important thing is to use a BB cream in a shade that matches your skin tone. My favourite one is Maybelline's dream pure BB cream which has SPF 15 in it so it's a good one for protecting your skin too and my favourite concealer is of course my collection one.

For the eyes I always go for a super thin line of liquid eyeliner which makes your lash line look thicker and fuller. I use L'Oreal's Super Liner which I have just done a full review on if you're interested in finding out more about it! If you have naturally long lashes then you can miss this next step out but since I have really short eyelashes (cryyyyy) I always love having at least one thin coat of mascara on and I get away with it looking like my natural lashes. Alternatively you could just use an eyelash curler to give your eyelashes some oomph and then use a clear mascara over the top to add length without actually looking like you have any makeup on.

I would always add a light dusting of powder across the t-zone to soak up any excess oil on the skin. My favourite powder is Rimmels Stay Matte powder in translucent but you could also pick up a powder in a shade that matches your skin tone but I find a translucent one is best. This is a great one to pop in your school bag and keep on you at school to reapply at break and lunch if you find your skin tends to get quite oily during the day or after that dreaded PE lesson.

 For adding a little colour to the cheeks an ideal blush colour is a light touch of a pale pink to just add a tiny flush of colour. This step can easily be missed out though if you feel that this would be too much for your school but if done with a light hand it can look very natural! I love Sleeks Pixie Pink for that natural glow.

 For the lips you could leave them au natural but for those makeup junkies that just can't bare to go without then an ideal choice is one of Maybelline's baby lips. The clear ones are great for just moisturising your lips but I really like the tinted ones especially the pink one (Pink Punch) and the red one (Cherry Me) because they add a very subtle hint of colour.

What are your favourite 'no make-up make-up bits?

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