Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Cheap Chanel Mademoiselle Dupe?!

  The other week I was in work and my friend Olivia smelled amazing and I asked her what perfume she had on expecting her to say Chanel or YSL and she said it was from Lidl of all places. Now, I'm a massive perfume snob and would never normally dream of picking up a perfume from a supermarket let alone a bargain store like Lidl but this perfume happens to be a gobsmackingly good dupe for Chanel Mademoiselle so of course I had to buy myself one.

The actual name of the perfume is 'Suddenly Madame Glamour' which is the kind of cringeworthy name that you would expect a bargain supermarket to stock. It's also hinting at how close it is to the Chanel Mademoiselle perfume by taking elements of the luxurious perfumes name into it's own. It is one of my pet hates when brands copy other brands and just alter the name slightly but with this being such a good dupe I wasn't going to let that stop me buying it.

 It cost me £3.99 for 50ml compared to the Chanel one which costs £67.50!!! On top of this the Lidl one is frequently on a half price deal so you can really smell like Chanel for £1.99...who'd have thought?! Now I know you're instantly thinking yes but it won't be as good quality as Chanel but that is where you are wrong. This scent is surprisingly long lasting, it lasts on my skin for most of the day, I can often still smell it in the evening which I was impressed with because lets face it for £4 you don't expect much and you can afford to be spray happy.

 The strength of the smell is very strong but not as strong as Chanel Mademoiselle itself maybe more like a very good eau de toilette version but stronger than a lot of perfumes still. It contains pretty much the exact same notes though so much so that in tests many people could not tell the difference between the two fragrances.

 Obviously the packaging is nowhere near as luxurious as Chanel's but for under a fiver what can you expect. Lidl's version is just a glass bottle with a tacky looking white plastic lid and the liquid is an orangey shade compared to Chanel's square glass bottles with their pretty lids and the pale pink liquid inside. There's no denying that Chanel Mademoiselle looks a lot prettier on your dressing table but is that reason alone to pay an extra £60 plus? I don't think so!

 I have heard that this perfume can be quite hard to get hold of because people are quickly realising how close this matches with Chanel and Lidl can't get the shelves stocked up fast enough. However, at my Lidl which is luckily only ten minutes down the road (never before have I appreciated this... who'd have thought!) had so many of these on their shelves so possibly they're catching on!

Have you tried this? If not and you're a Chanel Mademoiselle fan then pop in to your nearest Lidl and give it a whiff!

Lots of Love,

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