Saturday, 16 August 2014

Empties #2

 The amount of empties I've been going through recently is crazy so I have yet another empty products post. So hopefully all of you like reading these kind of posts as much as I do!

 The first product I've used up every last drop of is my Bioderma make-up remover. I love this product and use it every single night without fail to take my makeup off. It removes every single scrap of make-up even the toughest of water proof eyeliners and mascara's whilst being amazing for sensitive skin. This never used to be available in the UK but now it is in some stores in London I believe and can also be ordered online from Escentual or Amazon. I would definitely repurchase this because it lasts a long time and does the job better than anything else I have ever tried. I purchased Bioderma for the first time in Italy last July and since then I have used one bottle and two thirds of another bottle so for a product that I use every single night I think that's fabulous!

 My favourite brand for drugstore dry shampoo is Batiste, this is just the standard dry shampoo from Batiste but I personally prefer the brunette one. It's alright, it helps second/third day hair look less greasy and it's really amazing for giving volume. It also smells really lovely, however, I hate the white cast that it leaves in your hair cause lets face it nobody wants to look like they're going grey early! So for that reason alone I probably wouldn't buy this again and I'd go for the brunette one but if you have blonde hair this could be alright for you!

 Coconut Oil is one of those miracle products that everyone should have at least one pot of at home. I'll probably do a whole seperate post on coconut oil and all the amazing properties that it contains but it's amazing for so many different things. I use this on my hair, nails, skin and eyelashes! As you can see I've used every last drop of mine and all that's left is a dirty tub. The best thing about this is it only costs a few pounds from Superdrug so I always have at least two or three pots stashed up at home.

 Another empties post, another fake tan... can you tell I'm a tanaholic?? I absolutely love my fake tan and in the warmer months it's rare for me to be seen without any tan on. This time I've been using St Moriz tan which is a cheaper dupe for St Tropez and I have done a comparison post of these two before if you want to know more about this tan. I would 100% buy this again, I just tan too much to justify spending £20 a bottle on St Tropez!

If you've been reading my blog a while then you'll know that I always have nail polish on my nails. It would have to be a pretty rare bad day for me to have no polish at all on my nails because I just feel naked without it. Nail polish doesn't last great on me either, usually around 3/4 days with a top coat and I remove it as soon as it chips so I go through quite a lot of nail polish remover. This one is good and it does the job however I think I'm going to start buying the acetone free one to help repair my damaged nails. This was great before I used acrylic nails and had lovely strong nails though or if you need an acetone polish to remove gel/acrylic nails. This only costs a pound from Superdrug too!

 My last two empties are my Collection concealer which is my holy grail. I have multiple of these stocked up because I just cannot be without it and I use a lot of concealer every day. I don't usually get a lot of sleep so this is my savior to help cover up my horrendous eye bags. It has amazing coverage, lasting power and consistency for under a fiver so I will always continue to buy this forever and ever!

 The last empty isn't a proper one but I thought I'd include it anyway. I got sent an Eucerin cleanser a while back to review and with it I received a lot of samples of different creams and lotions and this foot cream was one of them. It was a very small sample but what I did try of it, I found it was really creamy and moisturising which was great for banishing any dry skin from my feet.

Hope you enjoyed another empties post from me! What products have you finished lately?

Lots of Love,

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