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New Puppy || Pet Haul

 As you will already know if you follow me on instagram or twitter there has been a new addition to our little family of the four legged friend variety, a little springer spaniel puppy called Luca. He is very cute, very cuddly and also very, very time consuming which has left me with less time for blogging than I have liked but I will get back on schedule soon.

 New puppies need lots of new stuff so since we've never been away from Pets at Home I thought I would do a puppy haul. The majority of the stuff is from Pets at Home but the odd few bits are from elsewhere.

 The first thing we had to sort out for him was obviously food, we went for Pets at Homes own brand of puppy food because according to Luca's breeder that's the best one and the one he is currently on. To go with that we also got him puppy milk (the one in the picture is dogs because it's Erics but Luca does have his own now) because he takes goats milk out of a bottle at bedtime. It's great for giving both dogs and puppies nutrients and as an additional healthy snack to fill their tummies. You can buy the dog milk and the puppy milk from both Tesco and Asda. For his treats we just picked up a few that looked the nicest but he still isn't allowed to eat them for another month! We also chose two silver dog bowls for his food and water, we did look at special puppy ones but they were so tiny they wouldn't have lasted him very long. However at the moment he does actually eat his food by climbing into the bowl and spinning round in circles, we'll work on that one!

 A book on Springer Spaniels isn't an essential but definitely something that will come in handy so that we're clued up on his breed and the care that he needs. It also has lots of information about how to train springer spaniels etc.

We wanted to get him a brush because he has quite a lot of fur and it's good for him to get used to being brushed whilst he's still little.

 The most exciting part was definitely choosing toys for him, he has waaay more toys than a seven week old puppy needs but he enjoys them and it's cute to watch. We picked lots of squeaky ones which is great for Luca but not so great for mum and dad....

 I picked these two softies because I wanted him to have a comforter for when he's older and neither of us could decide between the two so he now has both, lucky pup!

He also has a little bone rope that Gary chose for him. He's already managed to make it tether with his needle sharp teeth.

 These two toys are a little big for him still since he's only about the size of them but I can already tell that he's going to love them when he's bigger. Until then though Eric is really enjoying stealing them. I think this teething ring will be a saviour cause I'm already covered in nibble bites!

 The last toy we chose for him was this little cuddly monkey which has a squeaky body and rope for legs and arms.

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 This was a must have for us because little Luca came from a house where there were two large litters of puppies so as you can imagine puppies create a lot of mess! It's hard enough cleaning after one let alone 20 odd so the puppies were often walking in pee and poo so we were pretty keen to give him a good wash! Puppies are only meant to be washed once every few months to prevent irritating their skin so because we can't clean him every time he gets dirty (which when he's pooing and peeing everywhere is a lot!!) we bought a refreshing puppy spray. This is essentially puppy deodorant and I'd totally recommend it because it really does help mask that dog smell! We also picked up some 'Tooshie wipes' again because we can't bath him everytime he toilets indoors we need a way to clean his little paws when he walks through it (sigh) and everything else just to keep him clean and fresh. These have come in so handy but with the rate that we're going through them I think we'll probably just buy some soft andrex ones next time.

 I'm not entirely sure if this spray works or if it's a bit of a gimmick but anything that can help get the poo and pee on the newspaper and puppy training pads instead of the floor is a winner to me!! I'll give a little update on how it works out.

 Dog food smells and it's something that you don't really want an open bag of lying around your kitchen and if you put it outside in a hut then it will attract mice, therefore a food bin is essential. We went for this one just because there wasn't a lot of choice and this one has cute little dogs on it.

  Dewormer, really boring but a must. Also a feeding set because Luca still takes his goats milk out a bottle, to be honest he can take it out of a bowl now but I still enjoy feeding him like a little baby. I wouldn't really recommend this set if you have a young animal that needs bottle fed because it's just a pain. Luca chewed through the teats in minutes so it was bursting holes and you can pick up a pack of three baby bottles in Boots or Superdrug for less (which I have since done).

 He also has two collars and leads because the first one we chose when we got it home fitted Eric on the tightest hole so we figured Luca could jump loops through it. It will be perfect for when he's bigger though and later on after he's trained we'll be getting him an extendable lead because me and Gary both prefer them to the shorter ones. The second lead and collar we didn't really have much of a choice because the only one's that can be made as small as possible was a plain red one or a black one and Gary preferred the red so that's what we got.

  Toothbrush and toothpaste because I know from experience with Eric that it's important to start cleaning dogs teeth at a young age because once tartar has formed the only way to remove it is by a surgical procedure. This ones liver flavoured so hopefully he'll enjoy getting his teeth cleaned more than his brother does. We also bought him a towel just a plain one from Tesco because the one in Pets At Home was a boring brown one.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the stuff we bought for Luca and if you want to see more of him make sure you're following my instagram (@whatabbyloves) and twitter (@whatabbyloves) because there's always plenty of Luca updates on them! If anyone has any puppy training tips or puppy advice then please leave it in the comments below.

Lots of Love,

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