Thursday, 7 August 2014

Beauty Faves || July

 This month I have quite a few new favourites alongside some old ones. Sorry it's a little bit later into the month but I've had some Canon issues but I've bought an SD card reader so hopefully that will be all my Canon problems ironed out! Anyway onto my favourites.

 The first beauty favourite I've had this month is an old favourite and that is my original Naked palette. A long time ago, actually the first post I ever wrote (before I even had any means of people reading/finding my blog), I did a review and comparison of the Naked one and the Naked two palette. In that post I said I much prefered Naked two but I honestly am not sure anymore because I do really love them both. Over the Summer I have definitely prefered the original palette though especially 'Half Baked' but this month I've also been loving 'Darkhorse' and 'Toasted'. This is my holy grail eyeshadow palette and I'd be lost without it.

 A new beauty favourite I discovered this month is actually a perfume and it's DKNY's Red Delicious, the one that's in the red apple packaging. I got this as a gift from Gary's mum after she came back from her holiday, she kindly picked this up for me in duty free and I actually really love it. Which is surprising because I'm usually really picky but I love it which is amazing since I didn't pick it myself. I am awful at describing smells but apparently it smells of lychee, raspberry and it also has bergamot, rose, leather (leather in a perfume?!) and vanilla. It's such a strong perfume though which is partially why I love it because I know I can spray it on in the morning and smell it on me all day and as I mentioned previously I love when I can actually smell perfumes on myself. It's a very different smell to all the other perfumes in my collection.

 I've also been loving my Essence blusher that I did a review of in my Essence review but this is definitely my most favourite item that I was sent. I've not used any other blusher since I was sent this because I just love it so much and with the various shades that you can get from it I haven't needed another blusher. It's so super pigmented and it lasts all day on me and is the perfect colours for adding that pop of colour to your face. It's barely made a dent in the product either so I can see this blusher lasting me a long, long time.

 July has been a very busy month for me with events and with it being warmer weather too I've been loving having a nice glowing tan. The products I've used to acheive that this month is my St Tropez fake tan and my St Tropez tanning mitt. Before I've always just used Superdrug mitts but I must admit I am enjoying my luxurious St Tropez one and there's nothing better than a fresh tanning mitt (although after this month it's no longer very fresh anymore!)

I am a moisturising addict, I can't stand my skin feeling dry especially not my feet and because I work in retail my feet often get really sore because I'm standing on them all shift. My favourite foot cream at the moment is actually a body moisturiser but I like to use it on my feet and it's a Sephora body butter that I picked up whilst I was in Italy. This is the ultimate moisturising cream and it's so super soft. I actually have three of these but it's the aloe vera one I'm using at the moment because it's cooling properties are absolutely fab after a long day on your feet! You can tell how much I've been loving this because it's nearly all gone.

 My last favourite this month actually featured on this weeks MAC Monday and that was costa chic frost lipstick by MAC. It's the perfect coral colour and I've had lots of compliments on it when I've been wearing it to work. I love, love, love it in Summer it instantly freshens up your face and I'm personally a massive fan of coral lipsticks. If you want to know more about this lipstick then click here to read about it in detail.

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