Monday, 20 October 2014

Amber Lights || MAC Monday

 In my last Mac Monday I showed a haul of my Mac palette and now that I've had time to play around with it I'm going to review the shades in it on Mac Mondays. The first one and probably my most favourite one in the palette is Amber Lights.

 I love glittery shades and this one kind of reminded me of Trick, Chopper and Half Baked from the Naked palettes which are a few of my all time favourite shades. I was a little worried that it would be too similar to them but it's still very unique and I would say if you mixed those three Naked palette shades together, you would get Amber Lights.  Most golden eye shadows have yellow bases e.g. Half Baked but this one has more orange undertones which I haven't seen in many eye shadows before. It's really pigmented, not as much as Urban Decay shadows but almost as good.

 If you have blue or green eyes then you NEED this eye shadow in your collection because it really makes them pop and stand out. It's a great shade for both nights out and everyday and I also think it looks really great for this time of year whilst the leaves are amber coloured and falling from the trees. It will also be an amazing colour for the Christmas season because of it's gold tones.

 I don't know massive amounts about MAC eye shadows and their finishes but this one is a Frost finish which going by the lipsticks I'd assume is that it looks a bit frosty on your eyelids. It's really long lasting too, it will happily last all day and all night on my eyelids but I always use a primer underneath my eye shadows. They look so much more pigmented with a primer underneath and obviously last much longer too.

 I also have a sneaky feeling that this could make a really nice highlighter too if used with a light would make a really pretty cheek bone highlight and under the brow bone.

Have you tried Amber Lights? What's your favourite MAC eyeshadow?

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