Saturday, 11 October 2014

September || Beauty & Non-beauty Favourites

 This favourites post is a combination of my favourites for August and September because I didn't have enough new favourites in August to do a post on them.

 My first favourite is definitely a September favourite and that is my Naked 2 palette. I feel like I always have one of my Naked palettes in my favourites but I always change my mind on which one I like best depending on the season. So now that the weathers been getting a little bit colder, I've switched my original Naked palette for the cooler tones of the second one. My ones a little mushed up when it comes to the shade 'Verve' because I dropped mines woops.. all other shades survived though thankfully!

 My skincare favourite of August was definitely the Eucerin even brighter day cream which I used every single day. I have done a full review of this if you're interested in reading about it. My September skincare favourite however is Clinique's pore refining solutions correcting serum. I cannot preach enough about this stuff, it is a skin revolution and I would urge anyone who has any pore problems to try it out because it is faultless. It's by far better than any other product targeted at pores on the market as it actually cures the problem instead of just disguising it. I've also done a full review of this on my blog here if you want to read even more about how amazing it is.

 Another Clinique skincare product that definitely deserves it's position in my favourites is the Clinique take the day off balm. Lots of other bloggers love this and I have joined the cult, it's fabulous at removing makeup and leaves your skin feeling lovely and silky. I really enjoy using this most days in place of my Bioderma (or after it) to give my skin a really good clean. As always I have already done a previous review of this on my blog if you want to know more. (Review here)

 Maybelline the falsies, a product I had heard loads about and refused to fall for the hype but I eventually fell and consequently fell in love, This product gives great volume, great length, has great lasting power and is cheap. It genuinely is one of the best mascara's on the market and it's just a bonus that it happens to be from the drugstore. (review here)

 My lipstick favourite this month is Russian Red by MAC which really surprises me because if you'd told me a few months back that a red lipstick would be one of my favourite products I'd have looked at you like you were mental. I used to be a massive red-lipstick phobe, I'm not sure why but I just felt like if I wore red lips everyone would be looking at me or that I looked ridiculous but I think it's a lot like orange lipstick in that you need to get used to the colour on you before you have the confidence to wear it out. I really like it and I always feel very Autumnal wearing it with my tartan scarf and chelsea boots. (review here)

My non-beauty favourites over the past few months haven't been anything new really there's only a few things that I feel are worth mentioning so I thought rather than not mention any at all I'd throw it into my beauty favourites post.

This month I went to see Sex Tape on my birthday and it was really funny. A typical rom-com that's great for watching with your girlfriends or your boyfriend... defo one to avoid watching with your parents though! It has a lot of laugh out loud moments. Inbetweeners 2 is another movie I went to see over the past few months and it's another hilarious one, I love the inbetweeners so I knew it would be a good one but it was even funnier than I expected it to be... you know how the sequel is usually never as good as the original? well this definitely broke away from that rule!

  Another non-beauty favourite has been my diary that I bought because I'm not sure where I would have been without it the past few months. It has helped so much with organising my blog, when I'm in uni, the uni work I have to do, when I'm in work, when my driving lessons are and when my blog events are etc. Definitely much better than iphone calender and notes if you have a hectic life.

 My fashion favourite this month is collared shirts. I absolutely love them under jumpers and on their own. Layering is one of my favourite things about Winter because I frequently jump from being freezing cold to boiling hot especially during Winter, coming in from the freezing cold to boiling hot central heated rooms inside. I also think they just look really cute peeping over jumpers.

What things did you love last month?

Lots of Love,

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