Thursday, 23 October 2014

Halloween Haul || Lush

 I absolutely love Lush, especially when the nights are drawing in and the weather gets colder so it was a no brainer when the Lush Halloween and Christmas collection was released that I picked some bits up. I didn't go too mental this time because I went mental with their Christmas products last year and still have quite a few left to use up because I don't have baths as much during the Summer. So for the time being I just picked up a few Halloween ones and one new Christmas release.

 The first thing I picked up was the Butterbear which isn't really that Christmassy or Halloweeny but is cute anyway. I couldn't resist this when I saw him because he's so cute and has a little pot belly. He contains lots of cocoa butter so I think he's going to create a really nice, moisturising bath. It smells very simple with the same vanilla fragrance as butterball and its plain white so I don't think it's going to do anything overly fancy in the bath but it certainly is going to be a really nice pamper product. This is one of Lush's cheapest bath bombs, only costing £1.95 so is definitely worth picking up.

 The second one I picked up is also a bath ballistic and it's the one I'm most excited to use and that is Northern Lights. I wanted it because of the name mainly as I'm assuming it's going to be similar colours as the real Northern lights and make a really pretty bath. The ballistic itself is a really unusual shape for Lush bath ballistics which also intrigued me, it's so big that I almost want to break it in two before I use it. It's also a really pretty purple shade which is one of my favourite colours and has little stars in it so definitely one I can't wait to use. This one smells exactly like either the Twilight bath ballistic or the Christmas Eve bubble bar. I can't remember which one but it definitely reminds me of one of them. It's a nice relaxing scent so one that I will be making great use of now that I'm bogged down with university coursework.

 Sparkler is a bath ballistic that's similar to Northern Lights, released for bonfire night which is exciting because I'm pretty sure it's the first time Lush have actually released anything specifically for fireworks night. It has a nice citrus smell and to me smells nicer than Northern Lights but doesn't look as pretty so that's why I ended up with both. It's a bright yellow colour so I'm hoping it'll go into the water a bright yellow or a gold rather than that pee coloured yellow but we'll see! With the name Sparkler I think it's going to be a lot like the Cinders ballistic in that it's going to crackle and pop like a sparkler does. Both Sparkler and Northern Lights cost £3.50.

 The last think I picked up was the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar which is the most apt product I picked up that was for Halloween. This one is so pretty and it's covered in gold glitter which I think is fabulous because I do love a bitta glitter in me bath! This one is £3.50 which is really good considering you can crumble the bubble bars and they usually can last for at least 3/4 baths. I know Lush love a Disney related product and I have a sneaky suspicion that this one may be inspired by Cinderella.

Have you tried any of the Lush Halloween products this year yet? What ones your favourite?

Lots of Love,

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