Friday, 17 October 2014

American Apparel, Topshop, New Look, Asos & More || Haul

 I love a good shopping spree and that is what I have done, quelle surprise! These things I've collected over the past few weeks so I thought I would give you an insight into some of my latest wardrobe additions.

 The first being three more pairs of frilly socks from Topshop because as you all know I am obsessed with these. I just think they look amazing with boots, trainers, converse or even for just going about the house in. My house is like the house where socks come to die because I swear my washing machine swallows socks, they just vanish into thin air and despite the fact that I constantly buy socks I still seem to have a shortage of them. I went for a pretty peach, sunny yellow and yet another white pair because they go with everything.

 I then had a little splurge on New Look just to get some basic things that I needed including three new cami tops because they always come in so handy. I love Topshop ones but New Look ones are half the price and just as good so a little heads up to all those who love Topshop cami's. I picked up a mustard yellow shade which at first I wasn't sure about but I'm growing to love it, a white one and a black one.

 I also got a collared shirt because as I said in my September favourites I've been loving wearing collared shirts under jumpers because I love layering and keeping warm now it's getting colder so why not buy some new ones. This one has pretty floral cut out prints on it on both the top and back which is a really nice detail to a plain shirt. I personally prefer having prettier shirts underneath my jumpers anyway because then if I get too hot I can take my jumper off and still look nice and complete.

 Another collared shirt that I have bought recently is this gorgeous one from Asos that has lace panelling around the top. This has been my favourite thing ever since I got it, I think it's so delicate and cute and again looks amazing underneath cosy jumpers.. bonus!

 I then had a little online shop on H&M which I really hate doing because if you've ordered from them online before you'll know they charge £4 for delivery and always take about 10 days. I personally think that's really bad and it is one of the shops that are worst for deliveries (I find) so I personally prefer to buy things in store. However, there was something I really wanted and it wasn't in store so it was unavoidable to make an online order and of course I couldn't not add a little extra pair of socks to my basket because as previously mentioned my socks seem to grow legs and walk out my house. Also pretty much all my socks are frilly I wanted some trainer socks I could wear when I wanted to look like I wasn't wearing any socks. So I got this cute little 3 set which I think was only £4.99, it has a cute white and grey spotty pair, a pretty floral pair and a plain grey pair.

 Now the main reason I was ordering from H&M was because I'd seen these gorgeous floral trousers online and really wanted them. They're a loose cotton material and they feel so amazing on, almost like pjama's and I'm a major comfort girl so anything that I can wear that's comfy is right up my street. I wore these to uni the other day and it felt so amazing and comfy, I recommend them to anyone for work, uni or for everyday. The best part of these is that they were only £7.99!! I actually ordered a second pair for two reasons mainly because they're so amazing, comfy and cheap that why not and secondly I got a small the first time and they're really big. So I've got an extra small on the way but after waiting two weeks for the first ones I wasn't sending them back!! Love, Love, Love them.

 They also have pockets which is a massive plus because I hate not having somewhere to put my phone if I have to nip somewhere quickly without my bag.

 I then had another look on the Topshop website... bad idea because obviously that meant I saw things I wanted and well payday had just been so I could not stop myself. More frilly socks, did I mention I was obsessed with these?! I'm determined to beat the sock thief so hopefully I will not be short of socks for a very, very long time. I got a lilac pair and two cornflower blue pairs, one of which I had worn so didn't bother to pop in the picture.

 I also bought two new pairs of jeans, both are Joni's. I really wanted some new Leigh jeans but none of the ones in stock were ones I liked so I went for my second favourite style instead. I got two 'Winter' themed ones, not sure why but they both have Winter in their name on the website. The first pair I actually already have a pair like and it's a vintage, faded denim look, probably my most favourite look on jeans. The second pair is a really pale light blue shade which more than likely has winter in it's name because of its icy blue colour. I really like them and they look pretty with most outfits. Both of these cost £36.

 The last thing I bought is another pair of disco pants. When it comes to disco pants, I am a firm believer that it's American Apparel or they're not disco pants, they're a copy cat version that usually aren't half as good, sorry not sorry. They are however horrendously overpriced and I really do grudge spending that much money on a pair of trousers, £74 to be precise. I actually already have two pairs of disco pants, a black pair and a navy pair which I wear to death. I've had them for over two years now and I just think they're the perfect thing for dressy but not to dressy or can be made completely dressy or completely casual. They're such a versatile piece that I would advise every single girl to own a pair, not to mention how flattering they are. The one negative thing about these (bar the price) is that you have to handwash them and I am really lazy and put mine through the washing machine and they've never been the same since. Warning ladies do noooot do it, it is not worth it. They still look nice but the elastics showing through them and they are just past their best. So when I got an email saying that American Apparel had 30% discount it was just too good to resist. I wasn't planning to purchase a new pair quite so soon but when the offer was there it made sense. I paid £51.80 for mine which don't get me wrong is still ridiculous but much better than the £74.

 Even though they look sort of grey toned in the photo's I assure you they are jet black.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my little or rather big shopping haul. What things have you been buying this season?

Lots of Love,

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