Monday, 6 October 2014

Haul || Mac Monday

Bit of a different MAC Monday for you all today! I recently had a little splurge on the MAC website because I really wanted a new eyeshadow but couldn't make my mind up on which palette to go for. In the end I decided why not make my own MAC custom palette because then I can chose exactly what shades I want and build my own 'dream' palette.

 This is something I've wanted to do for many years but it is a very expensive thing to do so I always told myself it was something I didn't need...which of course I still don't but since I was planning to get a new eyeshadow palette anyway it ended up worth it!

 To build your own MAC palette you first need to buy the empty palette itself... I went for a large single palette which is the same price as the large duo palette but I just feel like the single one looks a lot nicer. Plus if I had a palette with room for 30 eyeshadows in it I more than certainly would want to fill it up so it looked pretty which would cost a lot more! You also then have to buy an insert for the palette... MAC sure know how to force people to spend money!! I do find it a little bit cheeky that if you charge £14 for an empty palette and £10 per eyeshadow to go in it that you should ask people to pay an additional £2.50 for an insert but hey maybe that's just me!

 This is what the palette looks like once the insert is put inside it. It has magnets in it and so do the eyeshadows to prevent them from falling willy nilly out of the palette.

 The first eyeshadow I chose for my palette was Amber Lights because I've read and seen in many a place that it's a great colour for making blue eyes pop and I have blue eyes so it was a must have colour! It also strikes me as being very Autumnal and I've been loving Trick and Chopper from the Naked 2 and the Naked 3 and this looks like it will be a very similar shade.

 The second shade I chose is Bronze because I've also heard that that is a good shade for people with blue eyes so I thought that was a good one to go for!

 Obviously I had to go for the classic All That Glitters because it seems that everyone with a MAC palette has this shade in there so it must be a good'un. It also looks a very neutral shade that will go with everything so definitely a good one to have in my palette.

 The last shade I went for was Woodwinked, yet another MAC classic and it is a truly gorgeous neutral shade.

Large Single Palette - £14
15x shadow insert - £2.50
Individual pan eyeshadows - £10

 It's worth noting that all these products have to be bought either from a MAC pro store or online!

 Lots of Love,

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