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Salt Air || Library Of Fragrance

 Library of Fragrance have been a company that I have worked with for a long, long time now. They first contacted me about their brand asking for marketing advice on scents that I think would be nice, names, packaging etc so I feel a huge part of this company. I really like the concept of their products, what they do is they make fragrances out of everyday smells that often go under rated.

 When you buy perfumes (especially online) it can be hard to know what they'll smell like but with these what it says on the bottle is literally what you get. Ever wished you could bottle up that fresh rain smell, a new paper back or the smell of the air after a thunderstorm? That is literally what Library of Fragrance have done, they've stripped fragrances back and made a whopping 101 fragrances that are available to those in the UK. However they do sell their products in 35 other countries from France to Russia too.

 No matter what your favourite natural, unusual, under appreciated scent is, I guarantee Library of Fragrance will have it in their collection. Some of the more unusual ones are Fireplace, Leather, Stable, Riding Crop, Dirt and Play-Doh. There are a few that I think would be better suited as room sprays than fragrances though but who knows when layered with another scent they might smell amazing. When Library of Fragrance got back in touch and asked me to chose a scent to review I was overwhelmed with choice some of the ones I wanted to try were the fruity ones like Sex On The Beach, Peach and Sunshine. In the end I chose Salt Air because living by the beach it's a familiar scent to me, one that reminds me of home, tranquility and my calm place. 

 The packaging for these represents the brand in that it's really simple which I like, obviously I love a fancy Marc Jacobs bottle as much as the next girl but simplicity is refreshing and takes up much less space!! I almost want my own 'library' of these scents in my room all lined up, I think it would look stunning on my dressing table. They've also made the packaging as simple as possible so that they don't have to charge the consumer more money just for packaging costs.

Salt Air smells incredible and exactly like salty air, I'm not sure how exactly they've done it but it smells like holidays. It has the salty notes to it but then it also smells like sun cream, tanning oil, holidays and warmth. If I closed my eyes and smelt this I could almost picture myself lying on a beach with the waves lapping at my feet and the sun beating down, dreamy right?

As these fragrances are all linear scents (meaning the scent smells the same from when it's first sprayed to when it wears off) and have singular notes, they are perfect to be layered with others. I think this one especially would be beautiful with a spritz of peach or pina colada to really give it that sunbathing abroad, holiday vibe. 

It doesn't last incredibly long on the skin but I can usually get three hours out of this before losing the scent myself but I think it's still on my skin, just that I've got used to it because other people have commented on it. 

Another reason this brand is amazing is that it's perfect for both genders with it's massive range of scents, I personally think Black Pepper would be amazing for men. Dark Chocolate, Espresso and Musk would be great for boys too or for those who like a deeper scent. 

You can order any of their 101 fragrance line from their website and 28 of their most popular ones are available in Boots so you can sniff before you buy! Salt Air unfortunately currently isn't available at Boots but don't be afraid to buy online because they'll happily return your fragrance if it arrives and its not what you expected! They're £15 each which is a lot if you're wanting to buy more than one however I do love this fragrance and I'd still pay the £15 price mark to get it. My only criticism is I think they should have 2 for £15 or 2 for £20 so you get a little bit more for your money and can start experimenting with the scents. 

 This is honestly one of my favourite concepts in a brand and I hope you all know that I only ever recommend things that I truly love! I can't wait to try out more scents. Which ones do you think sound nice? Have you tried any?

Lots of Love,

* This post contains a product sent to me for PR purposes but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own and honest

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