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2014 Favourites || Beauty Edit

I wasn't sure whether to do one of these posts or whether it would be silly given I have done monthly favourites throughout the whole year but I think it's always helpful to know which are the ultimate favourites of the year. Sometimes you can have a fad with a product and love it for a month but then later realise they aren't as great so here are the beauty related products that I've loved throughout 2014.

I've tried to roughly pick through my favourite beauty picks for different parts of the face because if I thought you would have found it interesting then I could have done a whole separate post on purely my lipstick 2014 favourites and the same for eyeshadow etc but I thought this was better. I've also got a Lush favourite thrown into the mix too.

L'oreal True Match Foundation

My foundation favourite for last year without as doubt is L'oreal True Match. It's got amazing buildable coverage, has the perfect colour range for everybody with different skin tones and it has an amazing blendable texture that looks flawless on the skin. I have normal skin but I have friends who use this with dry skin too and love this but it's not at all oily so I'm sure it would work for oily skin too. The best thing about this is it only costs £9.99 which i think is a barain considering this foundation beats any other high end one that I have tried.

Rimmel Lycra Flex Scandaleyes Mascara 

My mascara favourite of the year is one I would never have expected to be in my ultimate favourites from my previous history of trying Rimmel mascaras and that is Rimmel's Lycra Flex mascara. This mascara is amazing, before I was paying over double the price of this for Benefits They're Real but now I will always go for this one. It's packaging isn't the prettiest in it's bright green tube but it does give incredible length and volume and it's much quicker to use than my They're Real one.

Urban Decay Naked 1

My favourite eyeshadow for the whole year was probably my hardest one to chose because I've discovered so many amazing eyeshadow palettes this year. I've really started playing with eyeshadow colours and textures so I've absolutely loved my Make-Up Revolution Flawless and Eyes Like Angels palettes, also my Too Faced natural eyes and my custom Mac eyeshadow palette. However I chose the eyeshadow palette that I've used all year round and loved the most and that is Urban Decays original Naked palette. I know everyone must be bored of hearing about these by now but they really are just that amazing so that's my top eyeshadow palette for 2014.

Mac Chatterbox, Mac Russian Red and Kate Moss #30

As I mentioned previously I could do a whole post on my favourite lipsticks of 2014 but I've managed to narrow it down to three, my favourite Summer lipstick, favourite all year round and favourite Winter. My first favourite is Mac's Chatterbox which is my Summer favourite, it's a gorgeous pretty pink which looks amazing in summertime but I have worn it all year round just because I love it so much. My favourite Winter lipstick has been Kate Moss #30 which is a beautiful berry toned purple and I have absolutely loved this throughout Winter for a subtle take on the purple lips trend. My favourite red lipstick that just looks incredible whenever you want to wear it is Mac's Russian Red which is much loved by everyone and rightly so, it's long lasting, pigmented, stunning and smells amazing.

Tanya Burr Lip Glosses

I know Youtubers releasing products is a controversial one and a lot of people have said they don't think you get the quality for your money and for the most part I agree. However when it comes to Tanya's lip glosses I disagree because I love them, there are some shades that aren't so great but Picnic In The Park, Aurora and Afternoon Tea are amazing. I never used to wear lip gloss until Tanya's glosses but she has got me totally into them. They're pigmented, smell amazing and they look really lovely on the lips, I've even loved wearing them in the Winter (apart from the wind causing hair stuck to lips situ of course!)

Make-Up Revolution Sugar and Spice Blush palette

My blusher favourite will be of no surprise to anyone and that's Make-Up Revolutions sugar n spice blush palette. It contains two beautiful highlighters but my two favourites have been the pink shade in this and the coral shade next to it. They're such pretty blush shades and I love having different shades of blusher available all in the same palette, it would be perfect for taking on long holidays where you want variety but don't want to have to take lots. The only thing I would prefer is that the shades had names but that's just a personal preference thing.

Barry M gelly polishes in Almond & Coconut

Nail polish wise in 2014 I've been reaching for nude nails much more than colours and my two favourites have both been Barry m gelly ones. The first is Almond which is a taupe nude shade, it's nude but a darker nude and it goes with everything. My second favourite is Coconut which is an off white shade and it's another great one for chucking on and knowing it will go with absolutely everything.

Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Stag

When it comes to eyeliners, I have never been fussy I've always just picked up a cheap black one from the drug store that was however before I came across Urban Decay eyeliners. They're so creamy and long lasting not to mention the array of colours they're available in. They are pricey but I personally think they're worth it.

Clinique Pore

This is what I like to refer to as my magic potion and it is without a doubt my favourite skincare item of 2014. Ever struggled with enlarged pores? you know the big ugly ones on your cheek, nose, t-zone because I know I have!! I don't suffer from these half as much anymore though and it is thanks to this, I've tried multiple 'enlarged pore hiders' as I like to call them but this is more an 'enlarged pore curer' which is of course much more beneficial for fixing the problem rather than disguising them. This is pretty high end for skincare but is there a price you wouldn't pay for good skin??

Eyelure 101 Lashes

I love wearing fake eyelashes when I'm doing anything nice because naturally I have rubbish eyelashes, they're quite short and there aren't loads of them so I really enjoy wearing nice full lashes. I hate over dramatic lashes because I like wearing them even if it's just for a date night or for a blog event so I like to wear ones that still look pretty natural but just give me that little boost. I like that they come in a set of three at the moment because it's better value than buying them individually and I love the Eyelure glue it comes with a lot better than 'Duo' glue.

Dessata Hair Brush

I love this brush, it's like a tangle teezer but in this beautiful rose gold colour. It also comes with a handbag compact version which as a girl who finds travelling light impossible really comes in handy for me.

Lush Melting Snowman

My favourite Lush product of the year is a fun one that I thought I would throw in because I absolutely adore Lush and use their products all year round. This one is my favourite Melting Snowman which is a Christmas release but I stocked up on this in the boxing day sale last year because I love him that much. He's a bubble bar so you only need to use a little of him at a time and he creates the most warming, spicy, Christmassy bath. I tend to have more baths during the colder months so it was obviously going to be a Christmas product that made it in here.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the products that I have loved throughout 2014, what have your favourites been?

Lots of Love,

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