Saturday, 10 January 2015

Urban Decay Naked On The Run || Review

I showed this stunning palette in my What I Got For Christmas post and I know you have all been dying for a review on this and swatches so here it is.

The Naked On The Run palette comes with five exclusive eyshadow shades, a full size Naked gloss in a new shade, a mini Perversion mascara, a bronzer, a blusher and a travel size eyeliner in 'Stag'.

Firstly the packaging of this is amazing, how beautiful is it. It is rose gold for a start which makes it my fave for packaging out of all my palettes, it also has gorgeous feather prints on the front in a brown, peach, green colouring. It is truly, truly beautiful! I feel like I actually need to polish it after i've used it so I don't leave fingerprints on it. For travelling I think it would be good, it isn't the most sleek of palettes that I've ever seen, it's quite chunky but it's manageable. Plus when you add in the fact that you have a lip product, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blusher, foundation and highlighter packed in here. All you have to bring is your foundation, primers, brushes and eyebrow products which I think is not too shabby considering I usually take blush palette, eyeshadow palette and everything else individually.

The five shadows shades are:-
♥ 'Dive' a gorgeous metallic pink shimmer which looks like it belongs in the Naked 3.
♥ Fix which is a light beige colour that reminds me of like a dark blonde shade (amazing description I know) and is a matte shadow.
♥ Resist is a cool toned metallic brown which looks like it would do well in the Naked 2 palette.
♥ Dare is a darker brown matte which I love for blending other shadows out.
♥ Stun which is my favourite shade in the whole palette (I think.. it's a very tough call) is a gorgeous warm toned metallic bronzey brown.

Left to Right:- 'Bronzer, Blusher, 50/50, Dive, Fix, Resist, Dare, Stun'

 I am in love with the blush shade, it's such a gorgeous pink shade which really gives you that flushed colour literally. It is very pigmented though so a light hand is needed. The bronzer is also really pretty, it doesn't give as nice a contour as my Sleek bronzer but it works well as a bronzer just not as a contour.

Perversion mascara is something I had heard lots about but never actually tried for myself. I must say I haven't really reached for this as much as I do my holy grail Rimmel mascara but it is good for length. I find the brush too long so it's more fiddly to use because if you apply it in a hurry the chances of poking yourself in the eye are high. It also has a very wet formula so that can get messy if done too fast and has a tendency to make eyelashes stick together. If you have the time to put it on and aren't always running late like me though then it's fine.

I love the eyeliner Stag, it's a dark brown and I've been wearing it nearly everyday. It's such a creamy formula, long lasting, doesn't droop down your face hours later and leave you looking like a panda/like you've been bawling your eyes out.. you know the ones!

I love Urban Decay Naked glosses too which I'm sure you have all gathered by now so obviously was super happy that this comes with a full size gloss in a new shade Serro. I think this shade would suit anyone, it's very natural and goes perfectly with any look you can create from this palette for a natural 'naked' look. My favourite thing about this is that because it's a full sized gloss you can switch it out for any other favourite Naked gloss that you might have. I've also been enjoying switching it for my Tanya Burr glosses because they also fit perfectly in here, to be honest I think most lip glosses would.

I love this palette and it has come in so handy when I'm staying at Gary's house I don't have to carry 100 things with me, this is enough make-up for me alongside my eyebrows and foundation to get me by! Have you tried Naked On The Run? I think it's a must have for any Naked fans!

Lots of Love,

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