Sunday, 1 March 2015

Fashion Prescription || Haul

I have been after some American style pretty pjamas for ages but have never been able to find any but then I saw these ones on Fashion Prescription, they screamed Blair Waldorf and I just had to buy them. They come in a pretty pastel pink and a Cinderella powder blue colour, I really wanted both but they do cost £28 each and since I'm meant to be saving I just got one, surprisingly I went for the blue since it was such a pretty shade! 

It's a two piece which you can personalise cause each piece is made for you so you can decide whether you want lace or just lace on the top/bottoms or no lace etc. You also can choose whether you want high waisted shorts and a crop top or just normal which I think is good that you get the choice. The only downside of this is you do have to wait about a month in total before you actually receive what you ordered which is a bit of a pain but it was totally worth it!

I also picked up one of their bra/bralettes because I already have the black one and its one of the comfiest I own. It has no padding or underwiring which makes it feel like you actually aren't wearing a bra but are just naturally supported which I definitely needed because I find bras so uncomfy but no bra is also very uncomfy. It also came with a little name tag with my name and a love heart on it which I thought was a nice touch. They do sizes ranging from really small to really big so theres something for everyone because they're personalised again and they cost £20.

Have you ordered anything from Fashion Prescription before?

Lots of Love,

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