Friday, 6 March 2015

February || Instagram

♥ Make-up Revolutions 100% vamp lipstick

♥ Pretty beach walk near my house

 ♥ My new favourite book, highly recommend! I did a review on it here.

 ♥My new work shoes

♥ Home

♥ My first subscription of My Little Box, I did an unboxing post here!

♥ Fleur's book

♥ Valentines Day cocktails at Zizzi's

♥ My Fashion Prescription Gossip Girl styled silk pj set! I have a post on my fashion prescription haul which includes this beauty!

 ♥ Guilty treat

♥ Charlotte Tillbury Glastonberry lipstick

♥ Half n Half

♥ Raspberries, blueberries and Eton Mess

♥ Best kind of delivery to receive

♥ The secret to getting the most out of Lush bubble bars- use a sieve!

 ♥ Be happy

♥ Luca with his Luca's ice cream. I've actually made this one his own instagram @LucaTheSpringer if you want more puppy pictures. Yes i've become one of these people but I want to have a log to look back on of all his pictures and I didn't want to spam everyone who isn't into puppies so please give him a follow if you like dogs.


Leave your instagram links below and I'll check them out! Mines is @whatabbyloves and Luca's is @LucaTheSpringer.

Lots of Love,

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