Wednesday, 4 March 2015

February Favourites || Beauty

I was debating whether or not to bother doing a favourites post this month because I actually don't have very many new things to show you and I don't want to keep showing you the same things. However I do love a favourites post and its become a little bit of a tradition on my blog to do one each month so apologies for the small favourites but small is better than none right??

Anyhow my biggest favourite this month is a complete surprise favourite because I did not think I would like these but its the Make-Up Revolution I heart my lips collection lipsticks. Now Make-Up Revolution are fast becoming my favourite drug store brand, I made an order with them and got these sent free with my order because I'd spent over £20. Usually free gifts from brands are products they're trying to get rid of or ones that don't sell really well so I didn't have high hopes but these really surprised me. I've loved wearing them especially the purple and the nude shades so I will definitely be doing a full post on these with swatches!

My Naked 3 palette has reminded me why I love it so much last month. Those gorgeous pinky tones 
and rose golds are just perfect for the month of love, I'm always drawn to this palette at the start of the year especially in February, must be cause the palette screams Valentines Day. I love, love, love Trick it is one of my most favourite eyeshadow shades ever with its glittery rose gold ness and I also love the pink glitter Buzz a lot! As you can see from the picture though I get a lot of use out of Nooner, Liar and Dusk too.

My nail favourite of this month is without a doubt Essies 'The Lace Is On' which I actually got in my Coloristiq box which is a subscription box for nail polishes which is right up my street. I'm going to do a full post on what I got in my box once I've tried out all the polishes but sneak peek this one is a winner. It's a bright purple with such a pretty metallic shine to it.

Another surprise favourite I have is the By Terry kohl terribly in the shade 3 bronze generation. I knew it would be good being By Terry but the shade is an olive green/black with gold through it so I didn't expect to get much use out of this but I have got lots of wear from it. I'll do a full post with swatches but it lasts well and it doesn't look as bold as you would imagine it too.

My last few favourites are moisturisers because with the weather being so cold my skin has been really dry, tight and itchy so I've been slathering this stuff on. For my face I've been loving Garner Moisture Nourish and although it is a small tube, a little goes a long way and it only cost £2! For my body especially my legs and arms I've been using Johnsons baby bedtime lotion which is one of my favourite body lotions. Although it is targeted for babies, it has such a relaxing smell that makes me chilled out and helps me get to sleep. It's also pretty cheap and really good for anyone with sensitive skin because obviously it's targeted for babies so is pretty natural!

What have your favourites been last month?

Lots of Love,

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