Monday, 23 March 2015

My Little Super Box || Unboxing and Review

 This month My Little box was based on super heroes and girl power, very queen bey who runs the world, girls themed. As always the box was stunningly illustrated and I keep all the boxes and the little pouches because they're pretty and great for storing things in. Usually every month there's a pretty illustration card that comes with the box but for some reason there doesn't seem to be one this month which disappointed me.

 The first thing that was in the March box was a t-shirt which I think is quite risky because it comes in one size and of course there is no such thing as one size. However, I quite like the t-shirt, it's a little baggy but I like tops oversized so this didn't bother me. I can't say it's one I'd wear as a fashion piece but I've been loving it to lounge around in and as a pj top. It's a gorgeous heather grey colour with rolled up sleeves and it's made from really soft material. My one says "I believe I can fly" which every time I wear it I think of the R.Kelly song but I have seen others with "we can be heroes just for one day" and "somewhere over the rainbow". I'm not sure where the rainbow one fits into the super hero theme though, ideas on a postcard??

When I opened my box these were the first thing I saw which instantly made me think that this box wasn't going to be great. I'm not a sticker person, I feel these are far too young for the majority age group that subscribe to My Little Box and I genuinely can't think of a use for these. Maybe I'll stick them in a diary or a scrapbook but most likely I'll be donating these to one of my younger family members!

The beauty section of the box was quite good this month which helped bring it back a bit from the stickers. There was a gorgeous Caudalie hand and nail cream which is a generous size but not too big for the handbag and as I have horribly dry hands and nails I was very pleased to receive this. There was also a Kerastase Cristalliste hair conditioner which is a deep conditioner to be applied to the ends of the hair. It's nice but nothing overly wow. The My Little Box own beauty product this time was a lip and cheek tint in a gorgeous coral colour. I love the colour, I love the texture and I love the wind up crayon style and I think it will be really pretty in Spring.

I'm still not sure what I think of this box, I think people will either love it or hate it. I liked the t-shirt, the lipstick and the hand cream but I wasn't overly wowed by the conditioner and was extremely disappointed with the stickers. I think most likely most of the budget for the box has been spent on the t-shirt and unfortunately that did show! However I am staying subscribed to this box because I really do enjoy receiving it every month. Did you like this months box?

Lots of Love,

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