Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Frankie & Bennys Fort Kinnaird || Review

Now I know this is deemed as some sort of crime but I have never been to Frankie & Benny's before!!! It's really strange because being an Italian food chain you would think that since my diet is limited to pretty much Italian food only that I would have gone before but I hadn't.

I realise that if you don't live close to where I live this post may be pretty frustrating but most of the chains will be pretty similar so if you want to see what food they offer or are just interested in pictures of food then stick around. 

I actually live really close to Fort Kinnaird and work there too so when I was asked to review the new Frankie & Benny's restaurant thats opened I jumped at the chance. I was sent a £20 voucher to contribute to the cost of our meal and as I went with Gary I think we ended up spending around £42 pounds. I thought this was pretty pricey for what it was and the quality of the food but I've heard their lunch time menu is much cheaper so that could be a good option.

The layout of the restaurant is really nice, it kind of looks like a posh American diner (not like Ed's or five guys) with the red leather chairs and it does have that American meets Italian feel about it. My favourite thing about the layout of this restaurant is that you can see the fire that the pizzas are made in, I love a good fire (I'm not a pyromaniac, promise). They have a nice bar area too so it might be a nice place to pop in after work to have a few drinks!

Normally when I eat out I just get a main or a main and a starter because I'm not a massive eater so usually a lot goes to waste if I get all three but since I was reviewing it for you guys I went all out! For starters I got loaded potato skins that had bruschetta in them and Gary got garlic bread with cheese on it and a barbecue base. 

The potato skins were nice, they weren't anything special but it was a nice change since I've not seen many restaurants that do them. Garys garlic bread was however amazing and when I go back I'll defo be having that!

Barbecue garlic bread

For mains I ordered margherita pizza (what a shock haha) and Gary got a cheeseburger. He really enjoyed his and it's a big portion so he couldn't even finish it so you definitely get a lot of food for your money. To be honest though I was not a massive fan of my pizza, as you can see it was overcooked, I didn't like the lumps of tomato on top and it just wasn't anything special. It wasn't that it was horrible, it's just for £9 you kind of expect something better than what you could get from a freezer at Tesco's. 

One thing you can compliment Frankie and Benny's on is their massive menu choice, I truly believe it would be hard to find a person who wouldn't like something off of each section of the menu here and coming from an extremely fussy eater you can trust me on that one!

For dessert I got a chocolate fudge brownie sundae and Gary got a chocolate fudge brownie cake. We were so full that we couldn't finish either of these but they were really nice, very sickly so you can't eat a lot of it but still tasty! I think Gary felt for the size and stodginess of the cake you really needed more ice cream to go with it to make it go down easier but apart from that we really enjoyed dessert.

Our initial staff member wasn't very friendly and we'd have to wait a while to get her attention but there was another staff member who was such a lovely girl (small, dark hair, smiley) and she couldn't do enough to help us and make sure the food was nice! I didn't manage to catch her name but if she somehow manages to see this - thank you! 

I enjoyed getting to try out Frankies, although I think its without a doubt overpriced for the quality, I'll definitely be going back at lunch time and trying out some other things from the menu at a cheaper price. Have you been to Frankie & Benny's? What do you think of it?

Lots of Love,

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