Thursday, 26 March 2015

New Look, Nike, Topshop & Asos || Haul

I've been shopping! You know when you're trying to save money but you get that unstoppable urge to shop?? Well that happened to me although this haul is collective and I've bought all this over the space of a few months. I made the crucial mistake of wearing some of these bits before photographing them and then it's been ages until I've had them all washed at the same time and during daylight. So I may have sneaked a few of these from the ironing basket just so I could show you (while they're still in the shops).

The first thing I bought was this checked shirt which has a collar so automatically I loved this. I don't have to wear uniform at work anymore but because I work with children we can't have low cut tops which is harder than you'd think! So I thought this would be perfect for work too and I love grey.

I've been thinking about joining a gym which is something I never thought I'd hear myself say but I've been trying to eat healthier and I don't have time to exercise while I'm at uni so I'd like to join one over the Summer. To motivate myself I bought some nice new gym clothes because lets face it thats the best way to get a girl who hates exercising into the gym. This top is from New Looks sport range and they have some really nice things at a cheaper price if you don't want to splash out. I picked this top because I loved the colour and it's nice and loose so it won't stick to you when you're all sweaty, lovely. This cost £12.99 and they do a gorgeous matching hoodie and gym trousers too.

The hardest thing on deciding what to wear when it comes to the gym for me is definitely the bottom half. So I decided to get some of the Nike tights because they're really comfy and they're pretty much a gym necessity. These are the Nike pro ones, are dri-fit and only cost £28.

Obviously a necessity for us girls is a sports bra, I am absolutely clueless with how sports bra sizing works, they come in xs, s, m and l etc rather than bra sizes. It took me several online orders and a trip to JD Sports changing rooms to work out so for sports newbies like me it doesn't work on your dress size or your bra size it's more a combination. So definitely don't do a me and think you can just guess because you'll be guessing until you actually go to store and try on which is comfiest! 

Excuse the fact that I had to grab this out the ironing basket to photograph it. I got this shirt from New Look and I love how it looks either tied around my waist or worn open with a vest top underneath. 

I've been after a pair of white jeans since last Summer but they were always out of stock in Topshop but they've finally come back in so I was first to grab a pair. These are the perfect crisp white colour although with a puppy I'm not entirely sure they will stay that way for long! The solar eclipse was going on whilst I was trying to take a few of these photos so that's why the lighting is a bit patchy in places.

I bought two white t-shirts, this one is from New Looks basic range so I think it was pretty cheap and it's just a long white t-shirt which looks good under checked shirts like the one above or on it's own. I also bought a second one like this but it was more of a chiffon material and looks amazing when paired with a statement necklace.

I hate being cold so this time of year is difficult for me because it's too hot for jumpers but then it's still a little chilly for just t-shirts so I love light knit jumpers like this one. It's in a gorgeous mint green colour too so it's perfect for the warmer weather and to chuck on with jeans to work or to uni.

I also bought a purple one for the same reason as I bought the green one. It's a nice pretty shade for Spring, apologies again for the eclipse playing havoc with my lighting. This one has a T bar back which is a nice touch, it's not too low that it shows your bra but it's low enough to add a little something.

The last thing clothes wise that I've bought recently is this Sleeping Beauty jumper from Asos, how could I not by this?? It's everything that I love, pink, purple, Disney, sleeping beauty and a really soft, cosy jumper. I love this, yes I'm 20 not 2 but I'll wear this lounging around, running errands, walking the dog, if I ever go back to Disneyland and I even wear it when popping to family/friends.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some bits and bobs that I picked up for my Spring/Summer wardrobe! Where have you been finding your S/S clothes from this year?

Lots of Love,

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