Sunday, 8 March 2015

Jo Malone || Mothers Day

When it comes to Mothers Day I'm always a bit hit and miss with presents because I never like to get the exact same things every year and depending on how early I've noticed Mothers Day is (seriously why can't it be the same date every year???). However this year I am on the ball and I've decided to share it with you guys so you can be on the ball with me!

Mothers Day 2015 is Sunday March 15th (next Sunday) so panic not you still have a week to organise gifts for your mum! Now all us girls know that theres not much more luxurious to open than a stunning Jo Malone box wrapped in a black ribbon knowing that in the box theres going to be something to die for inside. Jo Malone are most well known for their fragrances (which are gorgeous) but I never hear much about their bath oils.

Both me and my mum love a good bath so I know that she will absolutely love this especially because it's from Jo Malone so she'll know its the good stuff! I got the well loved scent Pomegranate Noir which I can truly see why everyone loves it, it smells very dark and musky to me with a hint of spice to it. I cannot imagine anything more luxurious than bathing in a silky bath oil that smells this delicious. I think it would be a fab one to use before a night out or before a date because boy does this stuff last on the skin!! If you had a bath with this in the morning you could definitely go without perfume and just smell like you were wearing the Pomegranate Noir perfume by Jo Malone because its stunning.

If your mum isn't a bath person then fear not, treat her to one of the perfume bottles which are equally luxurious. They do different sized bottles varying in price so you don't have to spend a bomb to make your mum feel special.

I was going to compile a whole mothers day gift guide for you but House of Fraser have done an amazing one so instead I'm just showing you what I've got my mummy and linking you to their gift guide if you need more inspiration. Of course I will probably pick up some standard flowers or choccies too that she can enjoy whilst relaxing in this luxurious oil. I've also included a link to the bath oils page on Jo Malone's website if you want to have a little nosey at the other scents they do.

House of Fraser Gift Guide
Jo Malone Bath Oils

What do you get your mum for Mothers Day?

Lots of Love,

*In collaboration with House of Fraser. As always, all views are my own.

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