Sunday, 5 April 2015

Chiquito's || Review

Recently I headed along to another of the new restaurant's that has opened at Fort Kinnaird, Chiquito's! Yet another one that I have never been to before and because it is a Mexican restaurant I wasn't sure that I'd like it however I was very surprised!

The restaurant inside is laid out beautifully with a stained glass window, a pretty patterned mirror and is very spacious with comfy seats. Our waitress 'Sam C' according to the receipt was amazing, she was so friendly, helpful and full of recommendations. She also brought us a little complimentary popcorn bowl which I think is a nice touch. 

I did think that the choice of drinks was quite limited for a big company though- for soft drinks there was only Tango, Lemonade, Pepsi and Diet Pepsi. However, for £2.55 on the lunch menu you can get free refills as many as you want which I think is really good value for money. I'm not sure if the same offer stands for dinner time though!

For starters I was spoilt for choice, I found it so hard to decide between loaded potato skins, the garlic bread or the chilli poppers but in the end I got chilli poppers and Gary got garlic bread with cheese. The garlic bread with cheese was incredible, I hold my hands up to stealing a few slices and the dip it came with was like Domino's garlic and herb but improved...who knew that was possible!! My chilli poppers were breaded jalopenos filled with cream cheese, they came slightly hotter (temperature wise) than I expected so I did burn my tongue but apart from that they were delicious. They also came with a jalpeno jelly that was delicious. 

As I'm not overly keen on Mexican food, there was nothing really on the menu that appealed to me other than the Halloumi salad so I got that and Gary got a pulled pork wrap. He loved his wrap although he was very full and couldn't finish it because the portion sizes are big. My halloumi salad was really nice, I liked the tortilla chips on the side, the sweet potato and the skewer idea. My only criticism would be that it would be much nicer if the peppers, cucumber and red onion weren't cooked because I find those nicer cold. I just find it quite hard to eat warm salads but maybe thats just me!

For dessert which was what I was most excited about they had churro's so naturally I had to get them because I've wanted to try them for years. Our waitress also recommended them to us and the golden nugget cheesecake so that's what we went with. Gary said his cheesecake was delicious which it definitely looked and my churro's were amazing. I loved the chocolate dip and strawberries too although I think they need a little extra dip because of how much churro's you get and they taste better with chocolate.

As we went at lunchtime our meal was very reasonably priced for all of this it cost us around £31.50 including the two drinks which I don't think is too bad. 

Have you been to Chiquito's? Do you like it?

Lots of Love,

* I was sent a £20 voucher to contribute to the cost of this meal

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