Monday, 13 April 2015

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water || Review

I am a massive Bioderma fan, I bought it when I was on holiday in Italy and France and I've also bought it online from Amazon but it's very expensive and often has expensive shipping fees. I think now you can get Bioderma in the UK but it's still about £14 for a bottle which is quite pricy for a make-up remover.

When my Bioderma ran out at Gary's house, I bought myself one of these to try because for £3.33 it's a fraction of the price and they're often on a 2 for 1/3 for 2 offer too. 

I love the packaging of the bottle, it's got a pretty pink lid, the bottle is decently sized and the packaging is simple but functional. This make-up remover does exactly what it says on the bottle, it breaks down make-up gently but effectively - even water proof mascara and eyeliner. 

Compared to Bioderma, I would say it's not 100% a dupe because I find that I need to use more of the Garnier remover to get the same results I do with Bioderma. I also have to hold a soaked cotton pad to my eye for 10 seconds before wiping otherwise the makeup isn't broken down enough and you can end up removing some eyelashes with the mascara which is never good!

I use the big cotton pads and soak the middle of one and that's usually enough to remove my make-up and then depending on how lazy I'm feeling I'll go in with a cleanser or go over once more with the Garnier remover. If you struggle with removing your make-up and cleansing at night and often sleep in your make-up I'd recommend trying this. It's so easy, if you keep it by your bed you don't even need to leave your bed to do it and although it's best paired with a cleanser, it's better just using this than sleeping in your make-up.

I do really like this remover although I have to use a little more of it to achieve the results I want, it is definitely worth it considering the massive price difference.

What make-up remover do you use?

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