Friday, 17 April 2015

My Little Dream Box || April

This month I was extra excited about my My Little Box arriving because normally before it arrives you get a despatch email telling you what the box is but this month we just got a few hints. I always am excited for this box to arrive but it was an extra surprise not knowing what the box theme was until I opened it.

The box packaging this time is probably my favourite yet, the design is amazing, I love that it's a girl sitting on her roof at sunset and you can tell so much thought goes into these designs. I was also super happy to see that the little illustration cards are back and back with the best yet - a blue cloud with a Walt Disney quote on it - "If you can dream it, you can do it.". I love Disney, I love quotes and I love cute illustrations so this made me happy instantly and I will definitely be putting this up somewhere in my room.

The first thing in the box is the lifestyle product which is a cute little stamp. It has lots of French phrases on it like 'oui, non", "avec plaisir', 'merci beaucoup' and then it has english phrases like 'to do', 'made with love' and little clouds and stars. I think the to do list one will come in handy and so will the 'made with love' for little homemade gifts. It is a novelty thing, it reminds me of playing library's with my little sister when I was nine but I like cute, old school things like this.

The fashion item this month was a necklace and I was so excited for this because I thought it would be a pretty statement piece for Summer, I envisioned big colourful gems but it was far from that. However it did come in the most perfect packaging which was a little cloud with 'once upon a dream' on it which unfortunately you had to rip to get the necklace (I'd very much have liked it in tact for my wall). The necklace is a little, delicate gold plate with bonne etoile in it which is pretty and delicate and I think it means lucky star? which is cute but I don't know if it's something I would wear. It comes on a pink cord and I think that's what ruins it for me, I just don't think wearing a pink cord necklace would be very fashionable. I think it would be much nicer in bracelet form for the Summer with denim shorts and a checked shirt.

I do however think this box would be an absolute nightmare for someone who had no background in French, I did higher French and can just about get the idea of what the products are and what they say. However, the little explanation cards they come with are super handy for learning what the products are for because the description on the products themselves is in French. The magazine it comes with is in English and usually I love it but this month they've made the magazine in newspaper material and it folds out like a poster. I'm hoping they only did this because it has a poster inside it because I know I won't read it when it's got to be folded out to be read and the pages feel horrible. 

The beauty products this month are ones that I'm not too sure about. The first is My Little Box's own product 'masque reparateur' which is meant to help split ends and dry ends. I have long hair so anything for dry ends is always welcome, although last month we did get a hair mask too so I think this was possibly the wrong month to add another hair mask in. However, it smells good enough to eat and I look forward to trying it and seeing what it can do. I love the little bags the beauty products always come in too but have yet to find a use for them other than storing things in but they're just too cute to get rid of!

The second beauty product is a cow shed 'wild cow' invigorating body lotion which hasn't really got me too excited. I'm not too bothered about the brand Cowshed and the lotion smells very strongly of ginger which puts me off it so I might donate this one to my mum.

The last beauty product was a loved by Lou Lesage lip balm in red velvet. Again, not too excited by this it's a tinted lip balm and it doesn't appear to have any smell to it but hey hoe maybe it'll surprise me and end up being in a favourites post! I think it could also double up as a cheek tint if you wanted to use it as a blusher, I do like that it's diddy and won't take up too much handbag space.

I'm still pretty unsure on how I feel about this box. I love, love, love the design, the packaging, the thought process and the stamp was a really sweet touch although I'm not sure how practical it will be. However, the beauty products were a bit of a let down and I'm not sure many people will like the necklace. Again, I think I'll stay subscribed for now, I'm a sucker for pretty packaging and it makes me really happy receiving surprises each month and there's always a few things that I love but I do hope they up their game with the fashion and beauty pieces next time.

Did you receive this months box? What did you think of it?

Lots of Love,

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