Monday, 20 April 2015

How Now Brown Cow Fake Tan || Review

When you think of a gradual tanner, you think streaky lines. Admit it, we've all been there, slathered on some gradual tanning lotion, woke up the next day and thought never again. Either that or you try it and it does absolutely nothing to tan you and you still look as pale as when you put it on. 

I thought that gradual tanners were just an awful idea that should never have been invented, I've not met a single person who likes them, that was until I tried How Now Brown Cow gradual tanning lotion by Moo Goo. Firstly how cute is that name! The product is 100% natural as it uses their Full Cream Moisturiser as a base and the two natural self tanning ingredients used are Canola Oil based DHA and Erythrulose. They actually have a break down of all their ingredients that are in their products on their website so you can read it and see how natural they all are. 

The lotion doesn't really have a smell, which I would have liked but obviously adding a smell would probably take away how natural the product is so I can live without it. It's really moisturising and easy to blend and it soaks in pretty quick too! After I first applied it I woke up the next morning and I did think I looked slightly browner, nobody else really noticed it but I could. The second day I applied a second lot on my arms and some on my legs and I was and still am so impressed. My skin looks properly tanned and it doesn't have that biscuity fake tan smell either. I think it would be a really good one for fake tanning your face too because it's so natural and moisturising it shouldn't cause any break outs.

Update - I have since used this on my face and it is incredible. It hasn't broken me out, gone patchy or left me looking like a satsuma. It's just given me this gorgeous bronzed glow that I have had so many compliments on. I actually feel like I could just not bother with foundation when I have this on because it gives me such glowing, natural skin. From someone who has never, ever, ever put fake tan on their face before and always just used a darker foundation- I definitely will be now because this gives me that golden glow without harming or irritating my skin.

I forgot to take before and after pictures but theres my arm after two applications compared to my untanned tummy.
My hand/arm after two application next to my leg after one
It's been two days since I've used an application of the tan because it's done so well with two coats that I don't want/need to be any darker. My tan is still as good as it was after the night I last applied it so it lasts even when you stop using the lotion, I'm now just using my regular moisturiser over it to keep it moisturised and when I was applying it I just used my hands and washed them after. Of course it doesn't dry your skin out either like other fake tans because it uses MooGoo's amazing moisturiser as a base.

I can't not mention the packaging I received it in either, the box was so cute. It's the little things that count and my goodness have this brand absolutely changed the game when it comes to fake tan! 

It retails for £15.50 which is pricier than my usual St Moritz but it still comes in cheaper than St Tropez and in my opinion it's worth it. It doesn't dry the skin out, it lasts beautifully, it is slightly more natural looking, it doesn't smell, there's no guide colour to wash off and it's a gradual tanner that actually works!!

I'll keep you updated with how long an entire tube of this lasts because you will definitely see this in an empties post! Have you tried it?

Lots of Love,

* This post does contain PR samples

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