Saturday, 11 April 2015

I Heart Make-Up Lipsticks || Swatches and Review

With my last Make-Up Revolution order I got the I Heart Make-Up Lipsticks free because I had spent over £20. I actually featured these in my February Favourites because they're so good and surprisingly so because free gifts usually aren't great especially if normally they only retail for £2.49!

The collection has a good range of shades including a purple, a red, a coral, two pinks and a nude. All of the shades are creamy and pigmented as the middle bit of the lipstick is like a moisturising balm. Make-Up Revolution describe the outer part of the lipstick as a matte/satin balm with the middle part being a shimmer centre. I don't really find any of the lipstick to be shimmery but I do find that the middle part moisturises my lips.

The packaging isn't great mainly because the lids don't stay on the lipsticks so it's not great for having in your bag unless you want lipstick everywhere. The writing on the side also rubs off very easily. I do like that the lipstick itself is shaped into a heart with the smaller heart inside though.

The lipsticks also have a really nice smell to them which pleased me because previous lipsticks I've tried from Make-Up Revolution had that plastic/fake smell which puts me off wearing them. These however smell very fresh. I don't think £2.49 is bad at all for a lipstick and I'd definitely repurchase some of these at that price.

My favourites from the collection would have to be the purple 'Racing Heart', the coral 'Irregular Heartbeat' and the nude 'Rising Pulse'. The only shade I wasn't impressed with was 'Heart Is Pumping' which is one of the pink shades because it comes out quite sheer. When I wear that one I always prefer to go over it with a lip gloss to give it more colour.

L-R - 'Rising Pulse', 'Racing Heart', 'Beating Heart, 'Heart Attack', 'Irregular Heartbeat' and 'Heart Is Pumping'

How pretty are these shades swatched and for £2.49 they're definitely worth trying out at least!

Which colour's your favourite? 

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