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Pretty Little Liars || Tag

I'm currently having Pretty Little Liars withdrawal symptoms, seriously I think I'm going to have to re-watch all the seasons very soon. Since I'm missing it so much I thought I would do the Pretty Little Liars tag today so...

Let's get into the questions!

1. Alison made her return to Rosewood in her statement red coat. What is your wardrobe statement piece?
I'd say my statement piece is a good pair of jeans because you can dress them up and down. I don't believe in just one statement piece though, I think there are quite a few 'statement' pieces that every girl needs in her wardrobe.

2. If you could raid anyone's wardrobe, whose would it be?
This is a difficult one because none of their style jumps out at me as amazing, they've all worn an outfit that I've loved and they've also all worn outfits that I've hated but I'd probably say Emily because I love that 'country girl' style. Plus when Emily dresses up she always wears the most stunning ball gowns.

3. Which cast member would you go to if you had a problem?
Definitely Emily, she seems loyal, kind and caring and I'd know that she'd not just be pretending to care for the gossip.

4. Which character's personality do you think you most relate to?
I think my personality is a mix of all the girls to be honest. However, I would say I'm most like Aria because I'm quiet, I like books and a few of my friends have said that I remind them of Aria and that my parents are similar to Aria's parents (minus the divorce). Gary also says Aria or maybe Spencer because you're clever and bossy... so we'll go with Aria hahaha. 

5. Which character's makeup would you most like to wear?
Definitely Aria, Emily and Spencer don't tend to wear much make-up and I definitely think Aria's more out there with her make-up which I like to do. Bold lipsticks and different eyeshadow colours.

6. Which of the cast would you feel safest with when stuck in an 'A' situation?
Spencer! She always seems to have a plan with how to deal with everything, she remains level headed and she's pretty intelligent so definitely Spencer!

7. What has been the biggest shocking moment?
There have been so many different shocking moments! I think when Ian's body was moved and when Aria shot Shona. Actually when Alison was alive too! We totally were not expecting that!

8.  Who is your favourite character?
Hmm this is difficult, I love Hannah because she's so funny and sarcastic, I love how endearing Emily is and she's definitely the one I would want to be best friends with and I love Aria too. I think it's a toss up between Aria and Emily!

9. Sum up in 5 or less words, your thoughts on:

Jenna - bitter
Paige - annoying
Toby - sweet
Cece - suspicious
Melissa - sneaky
Jason - cocky
Lucas - irritating

10. Who do you think is A?
I still have a few theorys. I think it could be Charles (Alisons brother/Jasons twin) but I also think that's too simple. I think Charles could be Bethany and he wanted to be a girl hence the two dresses, the pink laces and that he was sent away because Mr D (thinking he was his child) sent him away to Radley. However Bethany's bodies been found so it leaves grey areas so I think it could also be CC, CC could be short for Charles, she's often been mistaken for Alison and she's disappeared into the background. However, I also feel it could be Hermes (Lucas) because of his nickname...hermaphrodite which could be why Alison called him that. Then there's also Wren who has suspiciously disappeared so altogether I'm still not sure!

I tag everyone to do this!
Do you watch Pretty Little Liars? What's your 'A' theory? Did you enjoy the season 5 finale? I thought it was really good! Obviously they can't tell us exactly who 'A' is  otherwise the next series would be rubbish. 

Do you have any recommendations for what I can watch now on Netflix?

Lots of Love,

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