Thursday, 13 November 2014

Autumn/Winter Lip Picks

 When it comes to lipsticks, I think Autumn/Winter has got to be the most interesting season. I think there's much more fun colours that you can play with at this time of year and I tend to wear much braver and bolder lip colours than during the Summer. I've put together a collection of a few of my all time favourite lipsticks for this time of year to hopefully give you some inspiration or new lisptick ideas for the coming months.

 My all time favourite shades at the moment are reds, purples and berry toned lipsticks. I'm not a massive fan of purple lipsticks when we're talking summery light purples but when it comes to deeper richer purples I looove them.

Clinique Chubby Stick in Grandest Grape is a pretty unusual colour for me. I'm not overly keen on it yet but I'm really hoping it grows on me because it looks lovely on other people so I shall persevere. It's almost a cool toned dark purple shade? It's a nice texture and obviously being a chubby stick is very moisturising. (review here)

Cruel is actually one of Topshop's gloss inks that they released early this year but it's the perfect deep purple shade for Autumn/Winter. I have previously done a full review on the gloss inks which I'll link here. It's more of a glossy alternative to a A/W lipstick however it is very messy which stops me using it as much as I would like to.

 Revlons lip butter in Raspberry Pie is definitely one of my favourite drug store picks for Autumn/Winter. It's not really red or purple toned, it's just that perfect berry shade. For a lip butter it is incredibly long lasting, pigmented and not at all messy. I really like the name too and think it suits the colour perfectly because it really is the colour of raspberries.

 Red Balloon is one of Mac's limited edition lipsticks from the playland collection so I wasn't sure whether putting this in was helpful or just taunting you but I thought I'd throw it in anyway because it could give you inspiration. It's probably the best pink shade that I could wear in Winter because it's so cool toned but isn't as bright as Girl About Town so it suits the colder season perfectly. As pink lips is my favourite I had to find a way to incorporate it into the current season and I think this is the lipstick to do it with.

 This one is a new addition to my Winter lipsticks collection and it's Kate Moss number 30. I've done a full review of this the other day but it's a gorgeous purpley red shade that smells delightful. Even better, it's so reasonably priced. (review here)

 Brave Red is my oldest red lipstick that I own. It's pretty similar to Russian Red by Mac just slightly brighter and much creamier because it's a Cremesheen finish. Although I love my deeper reds in Winter I also really like going for the classic red lip too. (review here)

 The second red lipstick I own from Mac is of course Russian Red which is much loved by every Mac lipstick fan. It is your classic red lipstick which has a stunning finish and lasts literally forever. You could eat, drink and sleep with this on and you'd wake up with it still on. Its lasting power is down to it being a matte lipstick though so that does mean it can leave your lips drier. For those that suffer from dry lips Brave Red is probably a better option. (review here)

Kate Moss 107 is another cult beauty product which everybody has fallen in love with. Its so so pretty and it just reminds me of Christmas time. The Kate Moss lipsticks always have a gorgeous smell too and the classic red packaging looks lovely on display.

 As you want victoria is one of Revlons moisturising lipsticks which I've also done a review on. It's super pigmented, creamy and glossy but very messy. This one is more on the pinky scale of things but I loved this one when I was too scared of the more bold shades so this one is really good if pinks in your comfort zone but purple isn't quite up there yet.

Left to Right: Kate Moss 107, Grandest Grape ,Cruel ,Raspberry Pie, As You Want Victoria ,Russian Red, Red Balloon ,Brave Red

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