Monday, 3 November 2014

Clinique Baby Tint || Review

 I'm sure most of you by now will have heard of Clinique chubby sticks, if not where have you been?? Basically they are giant lip crayons that many other brands have now done imitations of because they're that good a concept. Clinique have now since come out with their Chubby Stick Intense which I have done a review of previously and now their baby tint chubby stick which is effectively the baby sister of the chubby stick.

The packaging as always with the Chubby Sticks is lovely with the silver ends and the lip colour in the middle. It's a bonus that the shade I have is a petal pink colour. The shade I have is number 1, budding blossom, they all have really cute names which is a massive plus in lip products for me.

 The colour is a really pretty baby pink shade which I expected to come out of the crayon like a lip gloss for some reason. However, it actually comes out like a sheer lip balm texture which would have been fine but it had next to no colour to it. It had a pretty sheen to it but if I'm honest as much as I love Clinique products I was quite disappointed because I expected it to be something special and well it just wasn't.

 I was actually kindly sent this product from Clinique to review so it not being great isn't too big a deal to me however had I paid the £17 for this that it retails at I would have been pretty annoyed! With this product I think you're more paying for the brand name because it didn't last any longer or look any different than any clear lipbalms I have, think like babylips or EOS lip balms. Therefore I will not be purchasing any more of these and wouldn't really recommend anyone else to either unless you have alot of money to spare and want an overpriced lip balm.

 It could be that because this shade is the lightest in the range it has less pigmentation and the others are maybe more like what you would expect. However, I would definitely suggest bobbing into your local Clinique stand to have a swatch and make your on mind up before you buy.

Have you tried the Clinique baby tints yet? What do you think of them?

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*This post contains PR samples.

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