Wednesday, 19 November 2014

DUO Boots #BootTribe

 About a month ago I was invited along to a store on Castle Street in Edinburgh called Duo boots to chose a pair of boots to take home with me. I'd never heard of the store but as you all know I have a shoe obsession so I was really excited to check out a shop full of lovely shoes and even better to chose a pair of my own.

Duo are unique in that they will fit the boot to your foot and also to your calf. They do a whopping 21 different calf sizes so you know that having teeny tiny legs or chunky calves are no longer a problem. Their boots are quite high end so prices range between around £110- £250 but they're so gorgeous.

Grey Dita that tempted me!

  When I got to the store it was absolutely beautiful inside, very spacious and pretty with all the boots laid out nicely. There was so many nice boots that it was so hard to chose but luckily I'd had a cheeky peek at the website before hand because I knew I would have this problem. I did quite fancy the long elegant knee high boots but I'm so small that I just felt they'd take up half my body and make me look smaller. Plus an ankle boot is much more wearable! The boots I chose were these gorgeous suede Abel ankle boots in a grey 'slate' colour. I was very tempted to chose another pair of Chelsea boots but decided that the three pairs that I already own were more than enough and that I needed to try something new. I picked the slate shade because I imagined it would go with more because grey against light jeans, leggings, black jeans and tights looks a lot nicer than black does. So the lovely Kelsey fitted me into my boots and they were the perfect fit and looked amazing so I was super excited for them to arrive!

 They had also laid out personal name tags for us bloggers that matched our blog logos which was a really nice touch and I've actually kept mine as a decoration in my room. The purpose of these tags were so we could attach them to the boot that was our favourite so that Kelsey and Claire could work out which Boot Tribe was most popular. I of course loving the Abel boot was channeling my inner Alexa Chung with the ankle boot tribe which actually was the winning tribe with 55% of votes. Another nice touch they had for us was they gave us a Duo memory stick which is very sleek with it's own little case to take home and it also had pictures of the boots loaded onto it for our posts.

 The customer service while we were in the store was incredible, I felt really relaxed and all our needs were taken care of. However, as I said previously I chose the slate pair but actually ended up with the black pair. The reason behind this was we didn't get our boots in store because they were getting packaged up and sent out to us. Everybody except two of us received their boots a few days later and I was so gutted because I hadn't got mine. After waiting a few more days I emailed to see what was up and it was something like they were out of stock but there was a pair getting sent up from Bath. Then after another week there was still no sign or news so I emailed again and was told that they were now getting a pair from London. Then after a further few days was emailed and told they were completely out of stock so could I pick a new pair. So I was obviously really disappointed because I'd waited two weeks for these gorgeous boots that I now wasn't even going to get. So because the Abel style was what I had been fitted too I went with that again but in the black so I knew it would fit.

 I wasn't overly annoyed that I had had to change my boot (although disappointed) I was still getting them as a very generous gift. I just found it very frustrating that I had to probe for information as to what was happening and that I had to wait over two weeks to get a different boot to what I had ordered.

 I do love Duo boots as their styles are beautiful and I think they offer a really unique service. I couldn't not mention the problem that I did have with them though. However, I don't think this would be as much of a problem as a paying customer because you would walk out the store with them or it wouldn't let you do a transaction online if they were out of stock.

Have you heard of or tried any boots from DUO?

Lots of Love,

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