Friday, 7 November 2014

Coursework Reward Treats || Big Beauty Haul

Every year, at around this time of year I always end up going on a massive spending spree. I have a really hard, stressful time at university during October/November with coursework and I spend every minute with my head in a law book or hunched over my laptop. So the minute it's handed in I always either head into town to the shops or get online and order myself some 'rewards'. It's literally the only thing that gets me through it although my bank account hates me for it! So I thought I would share with you some of the bits and bobs I picked up.

 My first ever Make-Up Revolution palette, can you believe that I had never tried their products before?! I don't know what took me so long because they are amazing and I will definitely be doing a review on this and purchasing some more in the future. This palette is called Sugar and Spice and it's a blush and contour palette. It has some absolutely gorgeous shades that I can't wait to try.

 Another new brand to me is Too Faced and I've been wanting to try their palettes for the longest time but couldn't decide which one I wanted. In the end I decided the natural eyes palette was the best one for me because I wanted to get one that I would get a lot of use out of. The shades in this are stunning and a full review post with swatches will definitely be coming soon.

 Bit of a boring one but we ran out of cotton buds in our house and I can't live without these so I picked up some more, We usually use the Johnson's ones but Superdrug didn't have any so these will do! I think they were on offer for 2 for £2.00. These are an essential for wiping away any small mascara or eyeliner smudges and I also like them for going around a bold lip outline to tidy it up.

 Another Kate Moss lipstick was obviously an essential and this one is in the shade '30'. It's a gorgeous berry toned purple shade that is just perfect for Autumn/Winter. I've done a full review of this on my blog here.

 Can you tell I've really been getting into eye shadows at the minute? Here's my second Make-Up Revolution palette which is very daring for me. I was in two minds as to whether to purchase or not because I wasn't sure how much wear I would get out of it but I've been wanting more coloured eye shadows for a while now. I wanted good quality but didn't want to pay ridiculous amounts of money for them because I wasn't sure if I'd wear them much. So this was way too good an opportunity to pass up, 32 good quality eyeshadows for £8, you would be daft to say no. How pretty is it? It also does have some shadows that could be everyday colours in it too so I'm very pleased with this purchase and can't wait to play around with it. A full review with swatches will be up on my blog soon too.

 Another boring essential is just some hair grips because like socks these always seem to be a one hit wonder in my house. Once they're taken out my hair they disappear and that's them gone forever so I always need to pick up more of these. They're really handy for any hairstyle, I find that I can never get a perfect ponytail so more often than not have to stick a few pins in to fix it up.

I also bought some more Real Techniques brushes. I couldn't decide between Nic's picks and Sam's picks but Superdrug just had Nic's in so that made my decision for me. I needed new eyeshadow brushes because now I'm playing with more colours my brushes get dirty quicker and I'm too lazy to constantly clean them. So this one contains the base shadow brush which I already have and it's fab and an angled shadow brush. It also contains an exclusive eyeliner brush which I will use for my eyebrows whenever I lose my MAC brush (which is frequently). The other two are cheek and face brushes which will come in really handy for blending out blusher, bronzer and to apply a light dusting of powder. All these brushes are duo fibre too so I'm interested to try them out!

 Something I really have been wanting to try is Tanya's lashes. Not necessarily because they're Tanya's product but I love eyelashes and her range (mostly) looked really nice. I really wanted Girls Night Out and the individuals but my Superdrug was totally out of them so I picked up Date Night instead. I might do a review on them once I've tried them out if you're interested?

Have you tried any of these products?

Lots of Love,

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