Saturday, 15 November 2014

Eyes Like Angels Make-Up Revolution Palette || Review

 I recently did a haul showing a few makeup bits that I had picked up for 'coursework rewards' and this was one of the palettes that I picked up. It's so beautiful that I had to do a more in depth review for you because it's a palette that I hadn't heard anything about before I picked it off the shelf in Superdrug, I'm fairly new to makeup revolution products but I've completely fallen in love with them, they're pigmented, long lasting and cheap too. All the swatches below were taken without a primer because I'd have had too use an awful lot of primer to swatch all 32 shades so the shades are even more pigmented when they have a primer underneath.

 I haven't had the chance to use all these colours yet but the ones I have used are incredible. My favourite ones are definitely the reddy copper shade from the bottom row and the cranberry red shade from the top. Maybe I'll do a face of the day or eye of the day post on it if I'm brave enough but the two look fabulous together and very seasonal! I'm not big on colourful eyes but I'm trying to get more brave with it and I tried mixing the pinks and the purples and wow.. they are so pigmented and bright! It gave a nice look but not one I'm sure I'd be brave enough to wear out of the house...yet! A few others I've tried are the olive greens which blended nicely together too. I can't wait to have even more fun with this palette because there's so many colours to play with.

You can pick this up from Superdrug or from Make Up Revolutions website for just £8, what a steal!

Have you tried this palette?

Lots of Love,

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