Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Late October Favourites

 Firstly apologies for how late this favourites post is going up! I have had an absolute manic last few weeks that I've barely had a second to myself so have only managed to fire up a few blog posts that I already had the photos for. Now all my university coursework is done and dusted with and I have a little bit of me time before exams start so I can finally get around to my October favourites (before it's November...)

 The first thing I've loved this month is candles (obviously) but specifically this Simply Cinnamon one which is from Yankee candles simply home range. Its actually the first one I've tried from the Simply Home range and for some reason I didn't expect it to be as good as normal Yankee candles probably because they are slightly cheaper but I was totally surprised by this. It smelt just as strongly as any other Yankee candle I've tried and it has that gorgeous spicy cinnamon smell which I absolutely love at Christmas time. As you can see I've been burning this for far too long at a time which is why it has that horrible smoke around the edges but I was too lazy to scrub the jar clean before taking the photo, woops.

All Gone

 Another thing I become obsessed with in Winter is moisturising, my lips, my face, my hands, everything. I never really have a problem with dry skin but during the colder months I totally notice the difference in the way my skin feels so I've been putting lashings of this Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream on. It's super moisturising and makes my skin feel lovely and soft but I've also been loving putting this on my lips (weird, yes but it works) because sometimes lip balm just isn't moisturising enough.

 Along the moisturising lines I've also been loving applying my Eucerin night cream at night because it's so thick and moisturising that my skin drinks up all it's goodness overnight and is left feeling soft and supple again. (full review)

When it comes to nails at the moment I seem to always reach for more nude, classic shades which I've never really liked before, must be a twenties thing! My absolute favourite though has been Almond which is one of Barry M's gelly shades, it's almost a taupe shade and it just goes with everything. 

 My biggest favourite this month is vampy lips, reds, purples, berry's I'm all over them at this time of year. My two biggest favourites are both Kate Moss shades, although they both look identical they most definitely are not. One is shade 30 and the other is the famous 107. I couldn't decide between the two because honestly they've both been serious favourites during October. (review)

Left to Right:- 107, 30.

 The run up to the festive period would not be the same if Snow Fairy wasn't around. I actually still had some left over from last Christmas because I stocked up so much and mines is running out now because I've used it non stop. I will definitely be picking up another one of these because it's literally the best thing. If you like sugary, sweet smells then you will love this and it's pink and glittery so right up my street.

 My last favourite of October is my little baby Mac palette. It's still very small but I'm so happy with it. I have the shades All That Glitters, Amber Lights, Bronzed and Woodwinked. I think Amber Lights has been my biggest favourite because it just looks gorgeous with blue eyes but I've used them all equally during October (full post). I've also review both Amber Lights (here)and All That Glitters (here) in recent Mac Monday posts if you're interested in them.

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