Sunday, 16 November 2014

Real Techniques Nics Picks || Review

 When it comes to makeup brushes, Real Techniques are my go to. I love Mac ones but when I can get just as good...dare I say even better (in some cases) for cheaper then of course I'm going to. I don't really have a massive amount of make-up brushes which is okay... until I lose one that's quite hard to be without e.g. eyeshadow, eyebrows, blush, contour etc. I was quite torn between Sam's picks aswell because that has the buffing brush in it which is my holy grail and if I've forgotten to clean it or misplaced it then it's a disaster. However, I went with Nic's mainly because Sam's was out of stock in the Superdrug I went to and because it has an eyeliner brush which I would use in place of my Mac brow brush which is also prone to playing hide and seek in my room.

 The set contains 5 duo fibre brushes which are meant to be good for picking up less product so fab for blending things out. The two eyeshadow brushes I have been absolutely loving for blending out all the colours that I've been playing with from my Eyes Like Angels palette.. which take a lot of blending because they're so bright. The angled one especially is great for crease work.

 It also comes with a face brush which I wasn't too sure what to use for but lately I've fount that my Real Techniques powder brush picks up too much powder for my skin which is drier in Winter so it doesn't need as much. This is the perfect brush for just dusting a light sprinkling across my T-zone without caking my skin.

 Another brush from the set I was quite excited about was the cheek brush because I use my blush brush at the moment for both contour, blush and highlight because it's amazing. However, since I have this one I've been switching it up and using this one for either of those 3 and the blush brush for the others. It does almost as perfect a job as the blush brush so I was very impressed. It's also the perfect brush for pigmented blushers or those with a heavy hand to prevent the aunt Sally look. Alternatively if you've already accidentally slipped with the blush brush then this is great for blending it out.

  The last brush in the set is the eyeliner brush which I'm more likely to use for my eyebrows because let me tell you it is a Mac 266 dupe! It'll also be really handy for applying black/brown eyeshadow as eyeliner or even with gel liner to get a nice even line.

This set cost me £20 from Superdrug.. it's normally £30 so snap it up. Also it's worth noting if you have a snapfax you'll get 10% off on top of that in Superdrug. I'm not sure if Superdrug do normal student discount.. let me know?

Have you tried any RT duo fibre brushes?

Lots of Love,

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