Monday, 24 November 2014

Northern Lights || Review

 When Lush released Northern Lights as part of their Christmas collection I was super excited. Firstly the shape of the bath ballistic is oblong unlike any of the other Lush ballistics, it is infact so long that it could easily do two baths and at a push maybe three. Which for £3.50 I don't think is bad at all especially when it makes this dreamy bath.

I thought it would maybe make the bath multi coloured but it doesn't really, there is quite a show of colour when it first goes into the bath but it settles as this rich purple shade which clouds over with a white foam? Then the white form mixed in with the purple just makes the most gorgeous mixture. I was worried that this would be taken away when all the Halloween and fireworks collection was but thankfully this is still available to purchase.

It also has that same relaxing smell that Christmas Eve bubble bar has so if you like that then you'll love this. It's a very zen smell almost quite lavender-esque. It's not my favourite scent from Lush, I'm much more into my spicy smells and also the sweet smells but it makes a nice change and it'll definitely be right up a lot of peoples streets!

 Have you tried this one?

Lots of Love,

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