Sunday, 18 May 2014

Beauty & Fashion Haul

 Hellooo lovelies,

 Ooops it's happened again, Abby trying to save money but then walks into a shop and the shopaholic takes over! Believe it or not but this was actually me being very restrained and I actually managed to talk myself out of buying several more unnecessary things that I didn't need!

 The first thing I bought was this gorgeous statement necklace from Primark - Primark actually have a lot of good statement necklaces in at the moment so if you're on the hunt I'd check them out for affordable statement necklaces. I justified this as I have a lot of jumpers that I can't wear without a statement necklace or with a collared shirt underneath and with the warmer weather approaching, statement necklaces are definitely more appropriate. I chose this one because it has gorgeous pastel colours and it contains the peach colour that I have a jumper in the colour of so it will go beautifully with that. This only cost £6 as well which is a bargain compared to the Accessorize ones which cost between £22-£30.

  The next necklace I picked up is a little more simple and will go with literally everything. It's just little gold triangles inside black arrow shapes and I think it would completely bring together an outfit and make it look a little more polished. This was only £3!!

 I totally did not mean to buy this purchase so it was a bit of a cheeky one but it was also a complete bargain and I literally cannot resist a bargain! I got all these tea-tree products in a set for £20.50!! The total price of them all is around £34 so I was very pleased. It had been reduced to £23.50 but at the moment if you're a student you get a free Body Shop card which gives you 10% discount off every purchase and you get invited to sales where they have 40-50% off. Furthermore you get a £10 gift card on your birthday and a £5 one when you spend over £10 five times and a £10 one when you spend £10 10 times! I don't know how long this will go on for or if it was just in my local store but it's definitely worth looking into if you're a student who loves the Body Shop! I picked this up because tea tree is amazing for blemish prone skin and I was very interested in trying the scrub, both the lotions and the toner so I was aswell buying the set. I will most likely be reviewing these products once I've had a good trial of them so keep and eye out for that!

 The next shop I went to was Boots and I was personally pretty pleased with myself that I resisted buying any new make-up bits but unfortunately I did not do so well in the hair department. I desperately needed a heat protecting spray because I don't dry, straighten or curl my hair with heat often so I never needed one and when I did I always just borrowed my mums. However, it turns out my little sister and my mum have been using heat everyday on their hair without heat defence for a while now (absolutely horrifying!!) and I've been enjoying curling my hair recently so I needed to pick one up. I chose Tresemme heat defence because it came in a lovely spray bottle and I know Tresemme are a good brand. I also picked up a Tresemme hair spray as they were on a '2 for £7' deal and it claims to do a lot of fabby things on the bottle including 24 hour climate control. I really want to start doing more snazzy styles with my hair so I think a decent hair spray will certainly come in handy. I picked up another of my Loreal Studio Line volumising sprays because I absolutely love mine and it's coming to an end so that was a 'need'. Lastly I picked up a new salt spray as this one claims to give your hair a mermaid look and who doesn't want to have hair like a mermaid?

What hair products are you loving at the moment?

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  1. That first necklace from primark is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! It's lovely isn't it. I think it will go with so many things because of all the different colours in it too :-) xxxx


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