Friday, 16 May 2014

Ombre Blackstar Misty Rock || Haul & Review

 Hellooo my lovelies,

 By Terry's ombre blackstar's have hit the blogging world by storm lately and I have been putting off buying one for the longest time because at £28 each they are certainly not cheap! However, in almost all of Tanya Burr's videos she is wearing this and everytime I think that colour is so so gorgeous and I need it and that colour is Misty Rock. So I had a moment of weakness where I went into Space NK just to 'have a look' and then there was no Misty Rock tester and when I asked the lady she said she had just sold the last one. So I was quite disappointed but she said she would have another look AND then she found one in the hold cupboard without a name on it and how could I not buy it then?! So I walked out of Space NK with my purse a heck of a lot lighter but a very happy girl none the less!!

 It is literally the most beautiful eye product I have ever set eyes upon. It's a lovely shimmery, taupey, purple colour with flecks of brown, pink and silver in it and it's a colour that is very hard to describe! It has black pearl extract in it so it gives the most gorgeous shimmer when the light hits it. The packaging of this is so beautiful too with the gold pen it looks very similar to YSL's touche eclat and the band representing the colour of the product round the bottom is a lovely touch. I'm also very excited to own my first product from By Terry because it is very much a luxury brand and their products are known to be amazing. I love the fact that the eyeshadow is in a pen format because that suits my lifestyle perfectly, I can twist the product up, apply it straight from the pen, blend with my finger and I'm good to go.

 It is a cream eyeshadow but I've had no problems with this creasing at all although I have been using it with Urban Decay's primer potion underneath so I don't know if it would be as long lasting without a primer. The texture of this is so creamy that it just glides onto the eyelid like a dream and I also noticed that it was extremely long lasting so massive thumbs up for my first By Terry experience.

Misty Rock when hitting the light

Misty Rock swatch in shadows

 I am so happy I made this purchase and although it's pricey I do not regret it one bit!! Now on my list is Frozen Quartz and Brown Perfection!! Have you tried any of the Ombre Blackstar's? What ones are you lusting after? What do you think of Misty Rock?

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  1. It was fate you was meant to get this! Such a beautiful colour, in all of Tanya's videos it looks gorgeous but I bet it looks even more gorgeous on you! :) xxxxxxxxx

    1. That's what I'm telling myself to justify it! It really is beautiful but not sure I can pull it off aswell as Tanya :p xxxxxxxxx


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