Saturday, 10 May 2014

Nars Copacabana Highlighter || Review

 Hellooo my lovelies,

 If you're a regular reader of my blog then you'll know how much I love highlighting and contouring. I seem to have an unhealthy obsession with highlighters to the point that I'm never going to be able to use them all up without me doing my makeup 10 times a day! The latest one that has been added to my collection is Nars Copacabana illuminator.

 Copacabana also comes in a Nars Multiple if you prefer a solid highlighter but I preferred the liquid version because I already have a stick highlighter so I wanted something different. The lady at the counter told me that the liquid highlighter is slightly harder to apply so perhaps if you're just starting out in makeup go for the multiple version. The shade is a gorgeous white shimmery shade and it looks fabulous when the light hits it. I also really like the packaging, as always with Nars it just looks classy and I really like products that look nice sat on my dressing table. Another pro of this product is that it can also be mixed in with your foundation to give you a beautiful healthy glow all over. You do have to be careful which foundations you mix it with though because if you mix it with a foundation like Rimmel Wake Me Up which already has flecks of shimmer and SPF in it you may end up resembling a glitter ball. I love mixing it with my Nars sheer glow foundation which always results in amazing looking skin and I also like to mix it in with MAC face and body foundation.

 It's not too expensive considering it is a Nars product as it only costs £22.50 which is not too bad for a high-end highlighter. They do different shades of this in bronzey/blush colours also which look really nice too.

 One weird thing I did notice about this product is even when it was brand new the tube wasn't filled to the top. It's not a major issue but when you're paying that much for a product, you expect it to be of perfect quality and that they could at least fill it to the top. Regardless though it is a beautiful highlighter so if you're looking for one then definitely pop over to a Nars counter and try this one out.

What is your favourite highlighter?

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  1. The size is perfect for travel. would you post another photo of its color on skin. this one is a little bit dark.
    Thanks for review, I didn't know there is a liquid Nars illuminator.

    Come and read my latest post.
    Happy Sunday

    1. Thanks for your feedback lovely, I've updated a better picture! It's always difficult with the horrendous UK weather hehe. Yeaah there's a liquid blush and contour one too :-) It's ideal for travelling since it's only 30ml! xx

  2. We think exactly the same I'm sure, so I've been debating on getting this as I've seen Hannah Maggs use this often, then tonight I thought I'm going to have a catch up on Abbys blog and you've reviewed it!!! Looks absolutely gorgeous, fabulous review as always chick xxxxxxx off to the Nars website I go....... Xxxxxxxx

    1. It's amazinggg! You'll not regret it I swear! You'll need to let me know if yours comes not full to the top or not! Thanks babe! xxxxxxxxx


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