Tuesday, 20 May 2014

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Hey lovelies,

 Lately I have really been getting into health and fitness. My skin was looking bad, I always felt sluggish and tired and I couldn't even run for a bus without looking and feeling like I was about to suffer a cardiac arrest. So I made a decision to look after my diet more, exercise more and to start protein shakes.

 Firstly the protein shakes were a good idea because my diet lacks in protein because I don't eat meat, fish or eggs and I'm a very fussy eater so the only protein I was getting was from cheese. If you're wanting to get healthy and you have an average diet where you eat quite a bit of meat, fish and the occasional egg I would just give the protein a miss because having TOO MUCH protein actually does more harm than good. That being said if you do struggle to incorporate protein into your diet or do a lot of exercise then these would be ideal. I chose the Slender Blend weight loss one from Protein World because I amn't looking for protein to build muscles, I purely want it to help me tone up and as a nutritional supplement. I also hate milk (I did tell you I was a fussy eater!) so I thought it would help me incorporate milk into my diet which is great for calcium and a multitude of other vitamins. I got mine in the flavour 'Vanilla' because this powder is great for mixing with smoothies and adding to home baking so I thought Vanilla would be more versatile than Strawberry, Chocolate or Banana.

 Going along with my vow to get fitter and do more exercise I decided to invest in some running shoes. This is not a decision I took lightly as I'm more than aware that they are extremely expensive especially if it's just a fad that you might not stick too. I had tried other trainers and converse but they were just holding me back because of discomfort and just generally not being the appropriate shoe for the job. I really wanted pink Nike Free Runs 5.0 but I couldn't find any ones I liked or any colours I liked so I looked at designing my own ones but that was going to cost £120 and it wouldn't even get dispatched for a month!!! In the end I decided I'd just get plain black ones but when I went to get them I spotted these ones and went for them instead because they're so pretty and if all fails with my running then they can always fit into the Sports Luxe trend! Pretty shoes give you motivation to run and you want to go runs so you can wear them. They did cost £90 but they are the most comfortable shoes and it has definitely made running much more enjoyable than it was before! If you're on the fence about getting running shoes and you are serious about going runs or to the gym I'd say they're worth investing in. Plus if you need extra persuasion if you're a steady shoe size then it's likely they'll fit you forever!

 The last fitness related thing that my boyfriend bought for me was one of these Smartshakers. It's a neon pink bottle which obviously is right up my street and it comes with two compartments that can screw onto the bottle underneath so you can fill it up with your protein and snacks/fatburners or whatever you want. Then the bottle can be used as a water bottle and if you get hungry then just add the protein in on the go and it fills you up. I also love the lids of these as they're sturdy so you can push it back and it'll stay there without pinging in your face whilst you're drinking. Gary has a VIP Protein card thing so I think he picked up two of these for around £13 but if you don't have a card then it's £13 (including postage) for one bottle. I still think that's a pretty good deal for what it is though.

Have you tried Protein Powder ? What are your thoughts on it? Do you have any fitness tips that could help me on my journey?

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Lots of Love,
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  1. I am in the same boat trying to get my fitness to where it should be, keep up the good work!!

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog

    1. Thank you! You too babes, we can do this together! xxx

  2. Loved this post! You better keep this up so you can run to Essex ;) haha I'll help motivate you by text! Xxxxxxxxx

    1. Thanksss girl! I will get in training for that ;-) yayyy I'm deifnitely going to need it! xxxxxxx

  3. I tried protein powder but as you say, it can do more harm than good. I already get plenty of natural protein from eggs and meat so there was no need for me to use it. I've recently been getting into running myself and bought some bright purple running trainers which I love! It definitely gives me that push of motivation knowing that my trainers are pretty haha
    Bea x
    Bea's Beauty Blog

    1. That's good! Will save you abit of money because it definitely doesn't come cheap. Add in a fashionable aspect and us girls will become interested :p xxx


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