Saturday, 3 May 2014

Skincare Saturdays || Sudocrem Saviour

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 This weeks Skincare Saturday post is actually something I bet a lot of you already have in your bathroom cupboard at home, Sudocrem. Sudocrem is an antiseptic healing cream which makes it ideal for putting it on spots and the packaging does actually state that it can be used on acne. I always previously associated it with being used on cuts and on babies when they have nappy rash but Gary told me it was amazing for spots and oh my was he right!!

 I use this by dabbing it onto spots which helps reduce redness and the size of the spot considerably shrinks down after having this on overnight. Another use I have found for it recently though is using it as a face mask and it can be used with both a thick white covering over your face or can be rubbed into the skin so that it's almost invisible. I find that if I do it in the evening and I'm still awake after an hour or so my face gets quite itchy and I have to mositurise it? Not entirely sure how that works since Sudacrem is meant to be good for eczema and I don't have dry skin but there you go! However, if I put it on just before I go to sleep then leave it on all night I wake up with THE softest feeling skin (if very reminiscent of Casper the friendly ghost). Not to mention the fact that all spots will have considerably gone down and be a lot less red and angry. Do be careful not to smear it all over your pillows though unless you want to be changing your pillow covers loads!

Have you tried using Sudacrem as a spot treatment/face mask? What did you think of it?

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  1. I used this on my dermatitis and it definitely made a difference! The itchiness and scabby redness had cleared up woooo. This is a fab cheaper alternative to higher end skin care products which state they help with acne etc never would have thought to use this on any break outs! Xxxxx

  2. Another thing you can do for acne is to buy pure Tea Tree Oil and mix it however it states on the container with some water and use it on a cotton pad all over the face. I have always had really bad acne prone skin and have suffered from breakouts since I was in my teens and nothing really helped until I started using Tea Tree Oil. You can also find some tea tree oil products in boots that are quite inexpensive for spot treating or face washes.

    I have never tried the Sudocrem but maybe I should give it a try and see if that helps as well! Thanks for the recommendation.



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