Tuesday, 13 May 2014

St Moriz Tan v St Tropez || Comparison & Review

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In my everyday tanning routine the fake tan I have always used and never had a problem with is St Moriz which is cheap and works perfectly well. However, I needed fake tan for a night out and I could not hunt down my usual tan anywhere because it was still not classed as 'tanning season so I picked up St Tropez tanning mousse. I thought I would do a comparison post on both these fake tans as often I tried to find one to see if St Tropez was better and never could so I thought I should do my own.

 St Moriz is a lot and cheaper and that is definitely reflected in the packaging. It is quite simple with white, black and brown colouring but it conveys the information it needs too and for £3 you can't ask for Chanel standard packaging can you?! St Tropez wins on packaging for me just because of the pretty turquoise colours on the bottle and the lid and it looks a lot classier and more expensive (which it definitely is).

 The smell of the products is actually the only difference that I could find between the two. St Moriz just smells like fake tan which does not bother me at all, I'm not offended by the smell but you are left with that biscuity smell before you wash it off. Whereas St Tropez as soon as you pump it out gives off a gorgeous smell that smells like perfume and that lasts until you wash the tan off. This would be a definite plus if you wanted to apply the tan and go out before washing it off but I tend not to do this anyway because it usually results in the tan transferring onto clothing. So St Tropez definitely wins on the smell factor!

 The tan is the exact same when you pump it out, just a brown mousse which you buff onto your skin. I found both tans similar in appearance and texture and they both applied perfectly well. However the guide colour in St Moriz is a lot darker so much easier to see where you have missed bits which I prefer. Once the tan had developed both tans were similar, the only difference being that St Moriz gives you darker colour from one application and St Tropez gives more of a golden shade. For me I prefer going darker and was using two applications of St Tropez to acheive the colour St Moriz gives me so St Moriz definitely wins on colour.

Product Size
 The volume difference you get in the bottles is a drastic difference compared to the price. For £20 you can buy St Tropez 120ml or for £3 you can buy 200ml of St Moriz. For this reason alone even if the standard of the product was lower I think I would still have to go for St Moriz! There is definitely no visible reason in the outcome that justifies the £17 price difference.

Have you tried St Moriz and St Tropez? What do you think of them?

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